you know i should make this an annual tradition. this place could use it because there really aren’t any here.

to start and this is the easiest one to fulfill, find another job. even if it means i return to “fresh foods”. i’m glad to know that there is interest out there from a variety of companies which unfortunately bore no fruit. this includes the “dine-in show”, “finer foods”, and then such companies as target, greyhound or even the container store. perhaps i need to look seriously into finding the right job through a staffing agency.

another resolution is to become part of the world. no i don’t mean lose my virginity, it’ll happen when it’s meant to happen. now i don’t have to focus on it and just get myself into position where perhaps i can meet that woman. this means outside of work i have to have other things going for me, and this aspect being part of the world is what i want to focus on. 

that means join that alumni association. this might be how i can find another job outside of the service industry. perhaps taking some classes at the community college to develop new skills so that i can take on a new job. it may also mean this is how i’ll meet new people and perhaps find that special woman i’ve been waiting for.

as far as classes to develop new skills, perhaps compliment that with classes that help me express my creative side. i did flirt with taking improv classes when i first started this blog. i can also flirt with taking art classes perhaps learn how to develop my drawing talents and paint. and another means of meeting people.

also i want to travel more who says i have to go to “mission college” for homecoming and basically do it alone. perhaps find somewhere else to go alone, i fantasize about taking amtrak somewhere as i had done for a family reunion in 2016. i need to think about finding out where i should go next year and make it happen on my own! find somewhere to go and see what is the things to do in those other places.

next year i should worry about my health more. at least for the next decade i expect to still have good health i need to do a better job of maintaining my body. that means a better diet and certainly more stretching and exercises. even at “the show” i found time to do that time to take a brief time out to workout my body. eventually joining a health club would be a great move.

even though i have a pesky friend who seems to believe this is the next step this needs to happen next year, a car. chances are my driving will mostly remain local, but at least i won’t have to continue to drive around in my mother’s car and she gets concerned that i’m out too long. she may still have that habit when i’m in my own vehicle however i can just say i’m going out for a bit and will be back soon. i can go places i wish i could go that i no longer go any more and find other places to visit.

by the way, as far as the being part of the world bit it was something mentioned by the unfortunate formerly virgin male & by anthony. anthony in a fit of rambling decided to hit me on this subject saying “i’m part of the world, you’re living in it big difference”. bad news is that i’m going to go at my own pace not according to what he thinks i need to do. i can’t be part of the world by having sex if i’m having trouble connecting with people and my goal isn’t merely to chase pussy, as the UFVN stated in the comments in a recent post he wants a connection. more than sex that’s what i need also!

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    I’m sorry that I wasn’t fast enough to create a resoultions post for 2019. Then again I can look at it this way, the resolutions left on the table towards the end of the year are what I can work on now. At least I got the main one for 2018, however, perhaps I should’ve gotten more done last year also.


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