probably should’ve written this before the new year but eh.

2017 was rough my mother lost her job after being out of action due to her health issues from the previous year. she was still at home recovering on medical leave when the company she worked for had been taken over by government regulators. and the worst part about this is that the insurance she had been dependent upon was cancelled by the new owners of her company.

then later i lost my job in a somewhat similar fashion. there was no takeover by regulators just a new boss whom i wasn’t feeling and the lates started racking up to the point where i found myself on an attendance probation and on an awful day where i ran late they let me go two days after that. i lost my job but i was getting the sense that the department was beginning to deteriorate though at this point i’m glad that i could return as some point in the future. just think i’m almost halfway there to returning.

also i didn’t go anywhere last year. the year before i took an amtrak train to a family reunion. another year i made an appearance at “mission college” for homecoming. a worthwhile quick jaunt. i said this year my goal is to find somewhere to go and likely without family around which will be determined by whether or not i can find a position.

near the end of last year i had several opportunities to go back to work and didn’t get any of them. two of them are with a national theater chain which i saw as short term until possible returning to “fresh foods”. one interview was awful the other probably marred by an indifferent interviewer whom i had some difficulty reading.

the beauty of 2018 is that there is no where else for me to go but up this year. like i said at the end of 2017, i think finding another job will be an easy goal to achieve. hopefully it won’t be drawn out as it had been before leaving “the show” in 2014. meanwhile, my mother has no job and while she’s healthier than she was in 2016, i still have to remember that she’s still a senior citizen.

in the meanwhile, i had begun to forget about the current era i have arrived in. while i was working i feel as if i can handle this newly christened “apocalypse era”. at this moment with a job, i have fight a little harder than ever.

One thought on “rough

  1. Reblogged this on Feeling No Love and commented:

    I reflect on the first four months of last year. An unexpected outcome for a year where I saw a major reversal and then got knocked out. As most things in life turns out it’s only temporary. What a difference a year makes…

    I may also “reblog” posts from last year with regards to this, but I don’t want to dwell on it too much. Prefer to look at it as where I was back then vs. where I am now. Not only do I have no where to go but up, but perhaps better things can happen also.

    Either way the new goal is to stay positive!


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