Let Men Have Their Masculinity

There’s some validity to this. Hopefully, there are those who recognize that it’s Ok to let men be men.

The Unedited Version of Being Single & Christian

Man Time Men do need to enjoy things that feed their masculinity

I was just watching a video in which a good looking gentleman made his commentary on women being required to pay rent 50/50. To paraphrase, he states that it is a man’s responsibility to take care of his woman no matter how much she earns because some traditions are still good. In the pursuit of gender equality, is modern society taking away men’s right to be men?

Holding the Door Open
I remember being on a date and he was on the opposite side of the truck. I went to open my side of the door and he came running to the other side to do it for me. I was annoyed.  My thoughts “I can open my own damn door!” It wasn’t the feminist in me that objected but I thought he was too far away and I just looked stupid standing there waiting like a prima…

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