Before getting into this stream of thought just wanted to note the latest from my old dept at “Fresh Foods”. Looking at jobs at my old store I see that my old department is now looking for another assistant mgr. I was about to overreact and say Larry muscled someone out of their position & turns out that premise wasn’t entirely correct. One of the assistant mgrs that I knew who got promoted last year to that position from another store is leaving in a lateral move. So who knows it might be about the changes or she sees this as a better opportunity. At this moment all that can be said is only she knows. Meanwhile, something else has come up as far as jobs!img_1276

So the plot thickens got an email for another position I applied for at “Fresh Foods” different dept  at a different store closer to home though I’ll be doing more grocery type stuff. Unlike returning to my old dept at my old store, this is a full-time position which makes this not entirely my favored position but it gets me back to where I hoped to be. Unfortunately this is a closing position, however, it’s full time and somewhat closer to home in Hyde Park which is a great neighborhood instead of downtown Chicago.

So basically I got an email from the dept mgr who sent me a pre-screen questionnaire. It took me a minute to hammer out good responses to the pre-screen. Though I’m sure it’ll come up in an actual interview I didn’t address why I no longer work at “Fresh”. The first question why did I want to work at “Fresh” and I emphasize that I was a customer first and enjoyed the customer service and it was a great company for which I was a part for almost 3 years.

The other questions took some thinking but hammered some responses out to send return email that morning. So I have a sense of completion about this inquiry and then let the chips fall where they may. I have to get past the pre-screen and then hopefully to the next step in the process. In the meanwhile I just have to not worry about it.

Of course I still want to go back to my old dept at my old store. My interest is big in working with Larry now that he’s replaced “Ruthless Roger“. I want to see how the team is working with Larry back after his year at another store. There is a basic idea of how it was with Roger at the helm so to speak. Perhaps full-time or not full-time it would be a sense of pride to be able to return there, it’s where I advanced the most in my work life. I was working at “The Show” for five years and mostly got s**t on for a variety of reasons.

Then again having a full-time job even in a different dept which could also mean better pay is nothing to sneeze at. Got to get in the game for this. This means how do I play this?

Before getting the email from this other store I got a tip from someone I worked with – which I responded that I had interview with a store manager earlier this month – letting me know that he heard I’m getting an interview. See I told you there are people there who are looking out for yours truly. Of course as of yet I haven’t heard from my old dept, something tells me that they’re making me wait as my 6 mos aren’t quite up as of yet.

The uncertainty of that interview earlier this month has now become a probable. So as this post goes up, I’m giving myself some positive vibes as of now. What this means is that the first store to make an offer essentially wins. Most important both must know that I’m in talks with another store in another dept. The plot begins to thicken!


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