Pay Day

abundance bank banking banknotes

Well there have been other pay days since I returned to “Fresh Foods“. It just seemed to be a nice title to a new blog post which marks a day that isn’t monumental but very important. Just reminds me of two stories to relay..

When I interviewed in April to return to the company I also had to go through a store mgr who ultimately told me they’re going to offer me the job. During the interview he twice had to take phone calls from associates who were calling-in saying they can’t make it to work. Then the mgr states that it’s pay day no one wants to come in to work. This was actually on a Saturday so the associates got paid the day before on a Friday. It makes me wonder what they were doing.

Oh yeah I forgot some people like to go out and party. I generally don’t do that so I may not entirely relate but I can believe many go get some beer and have some drinks with their peeps. Perhaps they go clubbing or to a bar or even a night on the town with their honey. Who knows but evidently pay day means make a whole display of it by spending instead of just growing your money gradually as I’ve started doing in my working life.

I hate to do this to you, unfortunately the next anecdote involved “Ruthless Roger“…

Last year we had an associate who seemed a bit wayward. Nothing outwardly wrong with him, but some of my conclusions is formed from the hearsay I heard later. This employee we’ll just call John Doe had the tendency to call off although he just started and then at one point he asked Rog about when he’s going to get his paycheck. I was told by Gary – one of the assistant mgrs for the dept – that Rog told John Doe that he would get a paycheck on Friday. So he came to work on Friday and I did see that associate stroll past the dept. He was supposed to work that day and John Doe never even bothered to arrive at his station. According to another colleague, John Doe was reportedly seen outside of the job getting a hit of weed.

Not that I know much about the procedure with regards to paychecks, however, if the pay day is on Friday and the last day of the previous pay period ended on Sunday perhaps you should get a check that Friday. For me I have direct deposit although that went out of the window when I lost my job last year. Once I returned I got a check and I chose to wait a couple of days after pay day before picking up my check at the store. Although at some point when I got on-boarded thru “Fresh’s social network” I input the necessary information for direct deposit.

Just bear in mind in years past I wouldn’t normally discuss the period where I would enroll in benefits. This is normally in November & December however once I was no longer employed with “Fresh” that was out of the window. This time around I’ll just talk about the benefits as I get them and I’m actually off on pay day this week which is quite nice.


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