Prom, weddings, and graduations

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I went to prom by myself years ago. Had a dance with a classmate’s date who pulled me onto the floor. I wish I had shown her more interest almost two years after that prom. I was more fidgety at that time and less cleaned up and had less going for myself than I had when we first met. Her date had some issues from what I can tell online still does and not to talk about him, but he was considered special ed so something was going on.

Anyway it was an unusual period and my classmates – well I was never very popular with them – were somewhat impressed with how I cleaned up. I wore a tux with a green vest not very flashy, but not very plain either. A friend of mine Cecil had a date arranged by one of our teachers, he skipped out on her before the night was out. His date probably ticked him off and he angers easily something I learned the hard way during the course of my senior year of high school.

girl prom

Took a pic with another classmate although I paid for a solo pic by myself. I had her in class a few times, but at least the photo op was more interesting with a girl in it. She also cleaned up nice – well we all clean up nice for our senior year prom. The girl in question was something of a loud mouth who had something smart to say to our teachers though she seemed to have had a nervous breakdown at one point in a class we had together.

Of course not a whole lot of note happened on that particular night. When it was time I called my mother to pick me up went home and with my brother we went to our family’s southern hometown. Cousin Natalie was getting married on that particular weekend – Memorial Day weekend. So I handed my tux to my uncle’s wife so she can bring it to the rental place and we took off for the south. Yeah no rest in my own bed on this particular evening.

I feel as if weddings bring out the weirdness in women. If I recall Natalie and my mother were relatively close and so I’m sure she didn’t want to miss this wedding. I had bought a new neck tie for my own graduation and wanting to preserve the packaging it came with my mother deciding she needed to help me get ready tore it open. That irked me, but she decided she needed to help me.

Some lipstick got onto my toiletries case and we both scrambled to clean it up. It seemed what triggered her was me saying you don’t have to do this and she says “No, I do have to do this. Look I’ll do it, I’ll take care of it”. Hmmm why can’t I clean my own toiletry case? At this point we were in a hotel getting ready for this wedding and at that point I had just gotten out of the shower. And I think my mother was trying to hustle me along so that we can get to this wedding, I’m not sure why she was stressing other than this was Natalie who at this point had also just got her nursing degree from a nearby college.

We went to the wedding and my mother was disappointed because in her haste to keep me moving I still forget to bring the camera to the wedding. She wanted pics from this and no such luck from yours truly. One of my uncles probably had photos and video and we saw some footage of Nat & Nate’s wedding years later at one of our family reunions. Oh yeah I forgot to mention we went from our family’s hometown to Nate’s hometown. Then eventually back to the family’s homestead where my grandmother lived at that time.

couple under garden arch surrounded with flowers

And again nothing of great note happened especially with this brief jaunt to our southern hometown. However next month she did pay a visit to Chicago celebrating here sister Tasha’s graduation from high school. And I just so happened to have tagged along for a trip to an “Old Country Buffet” restaurant. Then later that summer a trip to DC for my aunt Claudine who was about to retire from the military. Then make a quick decision about what next because I made very few plans for life after high school.

Because my mother bragged about the flukish good grades I made in high school the expectations of my family was to go to college. And being 18 years old and nothing better coming along I just went with it. Sometimes I feel that was a mistake, but it is what it is. Sometimes I wonder, what if I just chose to take another route into the real world. Was a college classroom the best way to enter adulthood? I was going to find out the hard way.

2 thoughts on “Prom, weddings, and graduations

    • Yeah I can say I had the experience. It would’ve been better with a date, but I had the experience. Most get a limo and joke they’d get a room, unfortunately I wasn’t ready for even that. 😛


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