Odds & Ends


I know I said it was time to lay off of Rog for a bit, but some things came up where either I learned something bad about him. Also just got a few dings on a “Ruthless” former boss who’s likely to never cross paths with yours truly ever again. It just shows I still have some bitterness, though regardless I have to take some responsibility for what happened. The pattern was there and the powers that be at my job – which I’m pointing to Rog’s bosses – made a call! I put myself in that position where I couldn’t hold on by the teeth.

* To start my new store got a new receiver who I know from ‘The Hole“. She took a promotion to come to our store. I had to tell her that me being at the new store was not my decision. Without spelling it out and the first question from her lips, “Was it Rog?”

My only answer was partially. About my particular situation it was clear he didn’t really care and he had his own issues, and now that’s over. She reminded me that Rog, is no longer there. Indeed I see he’s no longer with “Fresh Foods” not that I told her that though if only there was an answer to that question as far as what happened. I could pontificate on this, but it really isn’t important.

Yet another former colleague from “The Hole” came by the store some time later. He had quit the company shortly before Rog took over the team. I told him roughly the same thing that I told the store receiver. Then told him he left at the right time since our team had been taken over by a mgr who actually made a mess of things. I also added in his case, but “that’s not important.” His response I pointed out and now I’m at this other store.

That person we’ll just call Johnny was with me training on receiving for our dept until he quit about a month later. Who knows Rog could’ve decided he needed to f**k with Johnny just because well he wanted to. He probably did that with a little bit of everyone trying to prove something. In the long run Rog isn’t there to keep messing around with things just to power trip and show he’s a big deal!


* Speaking of receiving, I told the new store receiver that I had a few receiving shifts coming up. So we’ll probably be interacting more in the future. I think our dept’s receiving team is having some vacation time coming up so I’m getting trained up on it. Had a few rough days where the tardies are collecting again but so far I haven’t gotten called out. Yeah history could repeat itself, however, I’m getting a hang of the new job so it just means I can strategize.

For example, get myself out of bed earlier and hustle myself out of bed early in the morning to take that early morning train. I could wait until after say 5 AM to get to the train, but then early in the morning I’m cutting it close. It’s definitely a long way to my job especially since I prefer to work in or around downtown Chicago. Thirty minutes by train which is what I told both my new boss and his boss when I interviewed. Regardless I have a plan which hopefully I won’t fall victim for the need to just lounge until I’m ready to get dressed for work.

Anyway I get to use my receiving training and got to learn the new store’s way this time. The dept is arranged differently, but it’s to be expected. Different stores, different spaces and different procedures. Perhaps another future opportunity which I’m definitely looking for however I got to stay on the ball as far as attendance. Otherwise if I get the unreliable tag on me, it’s not going to work out for me!



* Finally I learned that Francis is no longer with the “dine-in” that I worked at in 2016. He was moaning and groaning – probably like I had been with “The Show” and under Rog – about his job at the time. He seemed not very keen or interested in either transferring elsewhere in the same company. He seemed not very keen on looking for another job until they found a seemingly BS reason to let him go.

He’s very young so some paths to getting out of some situations just weren’t that apparent to him. Indeed I told a young lady he worked with that if she doesn’t like it there she can transfer – she was grumbling herself – her excuse this was the closest to her home! Gah! I can be the king of excuses, but I hate it when people do that. Anyway I’m also an example of when you get comfortable and something gets taken away like a job for example!

Anyway I sent Francis some job leads and he quickly got an interview. He was kind of whining about not finding anything so I sent him a lead to “The Hole” as all the sudden there are positions available. I made sure to message one of the supervisors to insure that his application gets pulled, however, from what Francis noted he got a call right away! Perhaps my messages may have helped or perhaps not but he got an interview.

Gary contacted him he said which I told him then he can relax a bit. He sounded desperate so I just told him to do his homework on the company. They want someone who knows what “Fresh Foods” is all about. He doesn’t have to dress up, but he has to know how to present himself. Just treat this like any other interview and he would be OK. Just relax, don’t get nervous, but arm yourself with some knowledge also. I’m thinking he never set foot in a “Fresh” store unlike yours truly who was shopper long before working at that company.

His interview hasn’t come to pass yet though he did have some questions about the job he’d interview for. I answered them to the best of my ability. Hopefully he’ll be comfortable once he gets the job. While my old dept has changed significantly since I unceremoniously left, there are a few old characters left who hopefully will make him feel at home.

I just have to note that what claimed his job was almost similar to what claimed mine. Yeah it was tardies for yours truly, but it was also a mgmt change. Probably not a 100% flip as had largely happened at “The Hole”, but at the “dine-in show” Francis tells me that the GM had moved on and left him vulnerable to some BS not that he fully explained to me why they let him go. However, it makes a difference when mgmt knows you. If they have a good opinion of you then it’s great if they don’t then worry!


* Kent one day told me another Rog allegation. This goes up the alley in my humble opinion of “respect issues”. One reason Rog is no longer at ‘The Hole” as a dept mgr was he thought his dept was full of gangbangers. Thing is I don’t know who he said this to or if he said this to anyone. If true it suggests a very nervous man.

His nervousness probably cost a lot of people their jobs. His nervousness as far as his new role probably let to the mess the dept was in by the time he finally left. As another coworker noted there was a lot of BS in the dept that subsided once Larry returned to take over the dept. No more BS from a man who was set up to fail!

Regardless what Kent told me gave me a laugh and I had to tell him. To be sure there were people I worked with who said they had been part of a gang. My explanation was that this is all Rog and his nervousness got the better of him. He probably wasn’t at ease with the various people he had been working with. Especially if he wanted to come off as a tough boss who wanted it all his way.


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