Last year I decided to end the storyline involving “The Show”. It wasn’t something that was going to figure on a consistent basis as it seemed to have in years past. As with the storyline involving Rog sometimes how I try to end the discussion can seem somewhat unsatisfying, especially for yours truly.

I still go over what I now call the greatest most pettiest fight I ever engaged in with Kelly during the later part of that “streak era”. I shouldn’t have gotten out of it unscathed, but then my level of frustration with the theater at that time finally got the better of me. And involved the house manager and eventually the general manager. So I was literally losing it with two of the main mgrs of “The Show”. Hell when HM told me to “put my hands down I’m being violent” my even more violent reaction to that (no blows were dropped thank you very much) even he had to calm it down a tad. I call that a fight and admittedly it was over something so small.

How do I look at it, a complaining young girl decided to turn it into drama by running to  a mgr when all I did was walk into her elbow (yes, that’s what happened). She got mad because I never said anything evidently she turns this into a mgmt issue found a mgr who would try to address it. That incident became an attempt at an ambush then I go off because of the young girl’s response to my counter – “No because you’re being very rude”. Then it becomes a back and forth with a mgr who only wanted his way and I wasn’t going for it. Like I said it was really petty and worthless, but this was who I was working with.

Of course since I briefly went over that episode in two paragraphs that’s scratching the surface of weird incidents that I got caught up in. It seems I do have a knack for it and handled them awfully for the most part. Bottom line was that many of these incidents were a sign that it was time to go – even to take on that job at the bank that didn’t work out in the long term. What I can often take some solace in is that many of those young rambunctious individuals – not all of them were young and they were often female – were gone before I finally moved on. I outlasted many of them so why the hell did they come to work looking to start $h!t. Not to say I didn’t feed into it, but I think I was dealing with individuals who had their own internal issues that they shouldn’t bring to work with them!

Regardless what do I try to remember when thinking about the odd conflicts that I found myself in. There was a reason I remained there for many years – even if I had to hear lectures from people which seemed somewhat sanctimonious when you think about it. Many of the people I worked with made coming in worthwhile I mentioned some of them by their assumed name here. If you work with good workers and they made the job fun it was worth it. If you work with complainers who if they didn’t whine about someone else not doing any work they would whine about the job. I’m somewhat guilty of that although I tried to work with people unless I realized that I just couldn’t…

It was hard to get into the job market and it was harder still when the jobs I do interview for don’t call me back for hiring. It was still hard to just leave after almost five years at “The Show”. I wasn’t that excited to leave for a “Gotham Bank” branch closer to home though I could say in terms of the job I’d take on it was a better job than the theater. Closer to home, mostly daytime hours, and in the long run better opportunities. And the better opportunities – growth – was exactly what I had been looking for. Regardless I wasn’t ready to leave mentally, however, it was time and became determined. It took me a minute to decide if it was time to leave and thus hand in my two-week notice.

The house manager noticed and hell I had wondered would he have offered me something to stay, he never did. Another senior mgr who I also hadn’t done well with over the years even noticed and did a yeah right when she suggested I could help her get a job at a bank. Last thing I wanted to do was help someone like her who just couldn’t keep her emotions in check! Beyond them for the most part many of the mgrs and supervisors I had worked with hardly said anything. Another person gone and when you think about it turnover was high that one more person leaving wasn’t huge news, although a familiar face such as myself was leaving. That’s certainly news unless you’re one of those people who had some weird issue with me!

Now that it’s approaching four years since working my final shift at “The Show” it’s funny how other things took precedence over the weird dramas that I dealt with over the five years at that theater. For example my mother deals with her health challenges and ultimately loses her job because of something beyond her control – i.e. new ownership. For yours truly a mgmt change at “The Hole” which put me under a mgr who was “in the weeds” and the tardiness became enough of a problem that got me let go.

Unlike earlier in this decade when I basically started my work career working a minimum wage job at a movie theater where I just didn’t progress. I feel as if I have a lot more on my plate now than then. Perhaps I had to deal with adulthood in my own way during my five years there. When you think about it, I had learned so much about myself during that period and I’m still learning.

Needless to say I wasn’t very popular with the young women who were old enough for me to date. It helped me realize they didn’t know what they wanted. It was as true as far as coworkers especially. If they complained about you not doing work then they’d find a way to distract you if you were doing something. I could say it was difficult to really win with these young women, but then I wasn’t supposed to. All I could do was get out of the way to the extent that I could.

As I told an old friend from “The Show” recently we may have to deal with people who look over your should for any mistake, a change of environment does wonders. This is what I could get from my time at the theater. Once something has served it’s purposes – which is make money and gain some basic job experience – then it’s time to move on to the next thing. It wasn’t that exciting, however, it was necessary and the excitement of what one can accomplish will overpower the negative!


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