Excuse me for scoffing at this article and confirming for me that women will fall for anything. According to her this man had a plan and eventually realized his ambition. And at that, I will admit he took a risk in quitting his full-time job for his dream.

The yeah right about this is this woman who says she’s quite a catch based upon her job and career she found a man without the good job. He was living in his car and his only employment is an internship pursuing his dream job. I’m happy for this guy for pursuing his dream but now I question if he found the right woman.

Could this be frustration? Could this be that I had nothing to attract a woman with this young lady’s background to me? Can women truly fall for dreamers who only “arouse” their interest when it seems they’re close to reaching them?

This reminds of the movie “True to the Game” that I talked about a while back. A young woman who otherwise knows better to mess with a gangster brother, messes with him. She lives with him and unfortunately is a target of some rivals on the streets. A fictional example of how it seems women will fall for anything.


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