img_3876The team I work on is very different from the one I worked with at “The Hole”. Every branch of a company has some minor differences of course and it’s usually thanks to the quirks of construction and design. Regardless by the time I got let from from “Fresh Foods” last year my former store was starting to go downhill as far as morale.

As with most Fortune 500 companies “Fresh” has gone through it’s own changes. Costs are cut here, there are layoffs, changes from corporate, perhaps even rumors of a buyout these could weigh you down. One could even be concerned about their own jobs if the changes could whittle down to the small fish other than mgmt.

I had an interview to return to “The Hole” and it was destined now to work out. When I wrote about that interview which was with a store mgr not Larry who had took over my old dept. It’s safe to say we didn’t click and that happens, what can I do about it. This is what I told another coworker who was around and let go when Rog became our dept. mgr. More on that later…

I told you a basic story about how I got hired at my current job. I often like to say I had people looking out for me and thanks to my own history with “Fresh” my current boss reached out to two key people from my old dept. First he knew the boss who first hired me at the company back in 2015 and he reached out to Larry. It’s not a huge secret that I had some issues with tardies however I got the e-mail, responded, and then got an interview. Also in short order interviewed with my new boss and ultimately his boss. Either way there was something there that had been worth their time!

As for that coworker, remember another post where another colleague Bill had the tendency to note the bull$h!t? Well this coworker we’ll call Sally got caught up in it and she noted the picking that our bosses had been doing. Hell unexpectedly one of the supervisors where checking out her movements such as her breaks, or trips to the bathroom. Another colleague noted that there was some weird investigation where he outright noted someone didn’t like Sally – don’t know why – and it helped ease her out!

I told Sally what happened with yours truly and it was the tardies, however, I made sure to note the one who I believe was doing the “picking” got himself “picked up on out of there“. Told her the basic story about Rog that he had been demoted and sent to another store and then finally no longer with the company. She could attempt to get her job and would have to go through Larry. Updated her on the assistant mgrs and supervisors who are still there.

Who knows if Sally will ever return to the company, it seems she’s not hurting now. She was quickly able to find a job at a local university working in the cafeteria. Almost similar to what she did at “The Hole”, but of course with some minor differences. She was quickly back to work and I had to wait my 6 mos before I could return to “Fresh”. Either way let’s just say our experiences didn’t hold either of us back for any extended period of time.


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