Anthony called me again, this time while I was at work. He doesn’t know exactly my work situation so thus well he doesn’t entirely know whether or not I’m available – at his beck and call. It almost echoes the time he called me at work I txt him back telling him I’ll return his call later and he replies with “Why don’t you come down with me to Finer Food’s, you’ll make more money and you’ll be closer to home”. It’s as if he needs to take the opportunity to convince me to change jobs for him.

Anyway allow me to give you a quick timeline.

To start the last time I ever talked to him was back in June 2017. During that month he puts on a full-court press starting with a “call me 911” txt. He calls me two more times before eventually I call him back and at that point he gives me a pitch basically letting me know that he needs to borrow some money for his son’s medical bills. I agree and we later meet at a barbershop where he proceeds to just pivot our conversation into some areas I think he shouldn’t but won’t enforce my boundaries on. No need to go into that again at least to keep this point simple. Just know this had been the last time I had seen him…

One thing I learned about him was that for some reason he needs me to know some of “Deranged Barney’s” movements. Perhaps he saw him on the train one day or he wants to go over the last bizarre incident that almost cost me my job at the theater and Barney lost his job over it himself. He will casually bring up his name in conversation which leads to the last time I talked to him on the phone. Which was near the end of that month.

Which leads to the last time I called Anthony which was after I ran into the deranged one. To my disappointment Anthony couldn’t even relate to the fact that I wanted nothing to do with him. His only words were to tell me that it was cold for me to just walk away from him with no response, no reaction. I could’ve just said “Hey what’s up! How’s it going?” And says all this knowing the history which is very contemptible perhaps on both sides admittedly.

For some reason he never caught on to my clues to end the conversation and get some rest. He continued to complain that he was soooo tired – I’m lead to believe he had the early shift at his store on that day. Finally I just simply said to him that he should get himself some rest and I’ll talk to him later. The last time we connected by phone.

He txts me the next month letting me know some news that I had already told him. For example I told him Harve got promoted at “The Show” to senior mgr and yet he tells me the same news I already knew. He makes a mention of the money he owes me from last month. I attempt to call him back and my call goes to voicemail, I leave a msg and he never replies. Alright!img_2594

He has no idea of some of the changes I went through at “The Hole”. Basically there was a period of radio silence between us and we’re both responsible. For a good period I never rushed to get in touch with him and nor was he in a huge rush to be in touch. He also evidently changed his phone number so the number I had been txting and called in the past probably no longer work. And besides there was a time I’m pluck him out of the ether to talk to him. Strangely enough that has changed and only because I came to some conclusions while he decided to not say a whole lot from roughly July last year to February other than wishing me a happy birthday on my FB wall during the holidays.

Before he starts calling again he writes on my FB status with regards to a movie I saw and states “You never said what theater you went to”. Finding that irritating I simply delete his msg no word no warning just delete. He has the tendency to open some can of worms almost as if he thrives on it!

Then February four phones calls from a new number I don’t recognize, and by the third call Anthony finally sends a txt telling me to call him. I ask who it is since he never identified himself – remember I don’t recognize this number – he confirms I fail to call him. After this he calls one more time I just let my cell ring…

Then near the end of June he txts me about a movie palace that is expected to be refurbished by the city. He just sends a txt and I miss it for a few weeks and had no plans to respond.

Then this month he calls me again while I’m at work. I see his name on my phone as a missed call though so far the only phone call I see for that day is from him. As I began to realize he’s a persistent fellow. And this is how we did become friends years ago, I back off and he just plays smarter. Though the difference between now and years ago when we first met at $h1tplace is that well we don’t currently work together now!

That’s the timeline and it appears he may remain persistent. I feel as if that’s how he had been when we first worked together in 2011, he was going to seek an opportunity to connect. If my distance wasn’t an indication to him he was going to keep working on it perhaps because he realized that it benefited him to do so. And wasted little time in trying to take advantage, especially when we first met.

The radio silence continues as I just find plenty of reasons to believe he was never a friend just a user. And true to form, I’m guessing Anthony has no earthly idea why I’m ducking his phone calls. Assuming he’s thinking much about it, and knowing him if I do get into touch with him again Anthony is just going to interrogate me demanding an explanation as far as why I won’t speak to him. It’ll be about why I won’t talk to him and why am I avoiding him and it’ll never occur to him that it’s his behavior. If I tell him he still won’t understand.

For now I feel as if the best move is to do nothing and just don’t be in a rush to respond to him. Let him show his persistence even if so far there are months in between his attempts to contact me.


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