I have never seemed to have paid much attention to baselines. It’s unfortunate that people are measured by these standards.

For example you have to lose your virginity before you turn 21. You should get out here and date before you turn 40. You should graduate from college in four years. If you’re in your 30s and you don’t have children (for men & women) then the clock is ticking.

It’s on jobs also the older you get finding a good job gets more difficult. I had an aunt who worked intermittently in her youth, she had little issue quitting a job in a huff on the other hand I’ve never known her to hold a job. She got older and started looking and the opportunities for her got harder and harder to find. She often dotes on the accomplishments of her family more so than her own.

Anthony (the hustler) was one of those people who hit me with his own arbitrary baselines. He allows my personal life or any implications of it (for example no p*$$y and I’ve never directly discussed this with him) becomes the basis of his baseline. Or for one of the supervisors we know as “The Show” he sees her aging because she hates the job and thus as she ages and is getting less attractive to him “it’s over for her”. It’s like if his allegedly ravenous sexual appetite gets the better of him he wouldn’t choose her as a grandmother he’d share pics of as a conquest.

Anyway who cares about baselines? Who decides these baselines? They seem arbitrary and in fact probably created by many on the fly. It’s as if you’re expected to do x,y, & z by such and such point in your lives. For some of that I missed it, and yet doesn’t mean I won’t quite get there.

I can look at it this way until arriving at “The Hole” I never had a full-time job. In reality I never found regular employment until I turned 29 (at college bookstore which was temporary and later ‘The Show”) before that any work experience was temporary. I also didn’t finish college until I turned 29 as I said a while back it took me a while to finish at “Mission College”. While I accomplished some minor baselines of my own in my own time, I’m still not finished.

I just can’t let anyone else determine where I should be at this point. I’ll get to where I need to be in due time. The main thing I need not be is unhappy when I don’t meet anyone else’s baselines. Especially if their baselines benefit not me but only their own sensibilities.

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