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Sometimes I’m always in a state of re-evaluating things. Remember last year I just decided that it was time to not write as much about my time at “The Show”. I think of my time at the theater as a baseline according to where I should go in the next five years. In this case, it should go the opposite of what happened there. I was largely successful in that I found a job with great pay, good benefits, and of course growth!

Lately I’ve wrote a lot about two dramas that occurred in my life since last year. To start I wrote my most recent post about Rog just recently just to illustrate that I found out something about him since he’s no longer an associate of “Fresh Foods”. Also remember that he was no longer the mgr of my former dept at “The Hole” and was shipped to another store as a supervisor. Then I dug into timelines what happened and expressed my own thoughts about him as I tried to return to the company where I was successful.

Then there’s Anthony the hustler. It’s not really a drama as much as it become a shift he quickly became less of a friend due to a communications blackout that effectively started the summer of 2017. I had to realize that he was a hustler, who often sought a small amount of change for any contrived need he can come up with. I’ll admit that if a door was cracked open – often by yours truly – for the opportunity to be taken advantage of he’d come right in! I’m mostly upset that I was slow to catch onto his pattern.

Anyway part of the re-evaluation here is that what are their effects towards me today. Well the effects are that I made some tactical errors on both sides. Be on time for one and on the other enforce my boundaries because some people want to break them down no matter what. And don’t become engrossed in drama – external drama mainly – to allow someone else to come in and do you a favor so that they can turn around and say you owe them. Perhaps Anthony in trying to influence me to change jobs last year was trying to put me in a situation where I again had to owe him! In his case I’ve been giving more than he gave me, his job leads resulted in no job and often he threw it to me to follow-up with these mgrs who interviewed me or I was supposed to interview with.

Either way I’m hoping that for a long time this will be the last time you will hear about either individual. Rog is so far in the rear view mirror I doubt he will ever be heard from again. I could be surprised, but it’s probably doubtful that I will run into him again and if I did hopefully the roles will be reversed. I’m the mgr and he’s the job seeker looking for the next opportunity and I can see through his resume of accomplishments.

As for Anthony, I get the feeling occasionally he’ll try to call me looking for something. I never came up with a strategy other than ignoring him. However if he’s devoted a lot of time mentally to my lack of response to him, he probably doesn’t understand. On the other hand he might be good, he got what he needed for as long as he could get it and has likely moved on quickly to someone else who’ll give him what he needs. I have to accept a loss because it’s time to stop this flow of cash that he has sought since we first worked together over seven years ago.

Like I said, time to let those two stories go. With Anthony if anything changes with him I’ll update you all. Especially if I communicate to him that it’s time to move on. Regardless I realize there are some things on my plate and some other things that need to be on my mind, and I don’t need the expense of taking care of someone else’s needs.

Finally I have some opportunities to consider coming up with “Fresh”. Perhaps I can try for associate buyer at my new store. I feel that there are some aspects of this job I may not be entirely comfortable with, but one way to look at it was with the job I held when I started and restarted with the company I got comfortable with it eventually. Of course I consider another job I had when I never did settle down and get comfortable. Regardless perhaps I have a small time to consider the opportunity, but I have to decide soon. And even then if I express interest then they have to get me comfortable with the job and that means I have to learn to buy. Time will tell regardless!

And as always if anything moves on that front I will update you as well.


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