This is an important month in my recent history as it turns out. To start as I seem to like to drive home often on this blog, this month about four years ago was when I handed in my two-week notice at “The Show”. I would eventually move on to a teller job at “Gotham Bank” only to be let go less than two months later. This would free me up to work at “The Hole” when they first opened.

Another important milestone for this month isn’t a very positive one.

This month marks the end of the “Streak Era” and then marks another odd era. I’ve never told you guys when I got let go from “Fresh Foods”. All I had told you was that I was no longer at “The Hole”. If you remember the episode where Rog led me to the store leadership office, then walked back out and the store mgr told me the bad news happened in October last year.

With what happened to Rog since that time – especially getting demoted from his position as a dept mgr and then ultimately no longer being with “Fresh Foods” – I can do nothing more than laugh about it. I was discouraged when I got let go, but I had to realize I was on my own. While I’m responsible for the why it happened last year because of what happened to my former boss since that moment will always have an * – asterisk in my mind. Whatever happened between then and now, I can surmise that things weren’t quite working out for my former boss as it hadn’t for me ultimately.

With that unpleasantness out of the way, I always like to mark milestones and in spite of that setback from this month last year will always be an important one for yours truly. I left a job that was a dead end and ultimately landed at a job that gave me a good income, good benefits, and of course good experiences. Of course these days I must remember that any job – working for someone else at a company – is only a means to an end.

That would go for “The Show”, “Gotham”, “Fresh Foods” or even the place I call the dine-in show (which needs a new name to be honest). All the same may the positivity continue!

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