Modern Day

img_0262Things have seemed to have been humming along for yours truly at the new job. It’s amazing that I made my 6 mos mark and it’s already time for the job review. I fill it out and then meet with mgmt and it determines whether or not I get another raise. I’ll bet with that other guy it would’ve not gone very well because that’s how he was oriented.

In any case it’s cool that I got to do the receiving I had done at “The Hole” only to be pulled off for any other excuse other than lates. There had been an opportunity to apply for the position of associate buyer for my current team but it seems as if one of the supervisors – who’s looking to move up in the future – snatched it and that’s OK it would’ve been cool for me to do that. At the same time the few times I learned to do it last year I felt as if the comfort level wasn’t there. It’s probably because I didn’t get to do it often enough.

Perhaps that’s something I could mention going through the review. I would like to learn the buying aspects of the job and hopefully not make any mistakes although mistakes happen. Problem is when someone leaves you very little room for error and they choose to pounce on you for it. Not that I’m concerned about it here, but who knows.

Most of my experience has been as far as dealing with customers, but what I have been aching to do is advance beyond that. So far I haven’t done it, but perhaps this is my last chance to be able to progress. For a variety of reasons some of which of my own doing it just hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps my own self-doubt, perhaps some other things out of my hands also. Regardless it’s time to see what else I can do beyond what I know.

Besides when you think about it, I knew how to work the movie theater – even if I was around a bunch of young people who forget to just work a job. They just like pointing fingers and complaining about everything instead of just working. It was all I knew for a long time and just made a leap to move on to something different which was a bank. It was time, HELL it was past time and it also enabled me to move on to yet another job in the future. And it allowed me to believe I can really do better.

Also I hate slipping this in, but what happened last year time to just let it go. It sometimes seeps in these days even as a bit of a joke. I talked with another guy who knew some of the colleagues at “The Hole” and I kept swinging it back to “Rog” as an @$sh0le. It lets me know that I’m probably working that angle hard and it’s something that could get me in trouble. I don’t mean the dreaded “corrective action”, just mean it might help to hold me back in the future. Thing is I can laugh about what happened last year now that I know what happened to “Ruthless” he’s not a huge factor at the company anymore and I’m very lucky to have been able to return this year. I must never lose sight of this.


Some of my ex-colleagues described my former boss at “The Hole” as having that deer in headlights look. So now as I pursue a new goal of moving up and becoming a dept. mgr. in the future only self-doubt would squash that. It would be funny to take on this job after my experience, but then as stated I long to do far more than I seem to be doing now.

Another thing I want to be careful is being complacent and comfortable. I alluded to this when I ran into my former boss who became a store mgr. I didn’t want to get comfortable as at that point this isn’t what would’ve been dangerous. It was dangerous at “The Show” it was definitely dangerous and more precarious at “The Show”. I have to get myself out of that mode and take some risks at this point.


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