Keep Him In Line

Women like this are everywhere (and I suppose so are the men). The sooner you see the signs the sooner you can just stay away from people who may prove to become a problem.

For me, let’s just say the more recent time I’ve ran into such female aggression is at work. But then again people like this exist everywhere. You can’t avoid them, but what do you do when you encounter such a personality?

The Unedited Version of Being Single & Christian

You have to keep men on a short leash in order to get them to do what you want. The best way to hold on to a man is to keep his belly full and keep him guessing.  Sex is a powerful weapon, use it because a man will do anything for it.

Man on leash

When women make such statements, other women will laugh and others will agree. They are great advice and they are funny! Right?

A woman’s place is in the kitchen. She belongs in the bedroom not the boardroom. A good slap will keep her a** in line.

When men say things like these, they are great advice. They are funny, right? No? Not really? Do I hear a difference in standards?

The Acceptable Attack On Men

For many years, women have been the underdogs. We were property with no voices or say in our lives. Even though women’s statuses have improved in certain countries, there will always be misogyny. Even in this day and age where words like ‘bitches’ and ‘hoes’ are accepted…

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