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I’m thinking about taking the rest of the month off once we get close to Thanksgiving. Just not give this blog much thought after that time until December. I think I have one more post in the pipeline to share before that point.


To start why did I title this post “adulting”? To start I wanted to talk about the period where I get to go over my benefits again. Well I have nothing more to add to that other than I get to make some selections that I hope will benefit yours truly at least for the next year. And besides I could actually get away from just simply titling these posts “benefits” as well this is the ultimate in “adulting”.

I think about how years ago while working at “The Show” I had been seeking at the very least a job that paid much better. And as time went on I wanted benefits which was one reason why I pursued working for a bank. It was also why years ago I pursued a mgmt job at a local movie theater chain. I never imagined I’d have achieved that goal at a grocery store.

While toiling at the place I knew as $h17pl@c3 for almost five years I knew I deserved more and wasn’t getting it. Never got promoted, my pay never hovered any higher than minimum wage. Definitely wasn’t going to work more than 30 hrs a week. I got paid, but at some point it was the same old thing every shift. It was time to shift gears as I had been running in place there.

I don’t regret leaving for “Gotham Bank”. My only regret was that I didn’t last long at that bank though what I can say for it now was that getting fired from there led me to find the job that I really wanted. I wanted to work in downtown Chicago and applying at “Gotham” – which represents a national bank – didn’t provide that for yours truly. I look at this as a temporary job until I finally got the job I wanted. It didn’t have to be “Fresh Foods”, but it was the right job at the right time!

As far as leaving “The Show” it was just time to go. That meant that it was time to leave behind some of the people who were still there that I had to leave behind. With my luck many of them were going to get promoted before me. Although if I had stayed perhaps things would’ve somewhat changed for me especially as far as mgmt. Regardless I know that this is one story that we may never truly know and it was just time to take my bag and go home. Staying there didn’t really benefit me…

With many of the people I knew and liked working with leaving there wasn’t much for me to remain there. I’d stay in touch with many of them and meanwhile I have no where else to go but up. While working at a bank didn’t work out for me and I may add will cause me to hesitate as far as whether or not I’d ever return to that industry in the future it’s not a decision I really regretted. Jack V did what he believed was best for him at the time!

And while my time at “The Hole” ended in a controversial fashion (oh be honest with yourself Jack V) it was a great period of time. I got my job with benefits and had some great opportunities to learn different jobs and to move up at “Fresh Foods”. I feel as if I got better opportunities than I would’ve had at “The Show” – and yes from some of the stories I have told about my time there you could say there was “baggage”.

Bottom line is that I had to make some adult decisions that will ultimately serve to benefit yours truly in the long run. It might be changing jobs and certainly jobs that prove beneficial. And of course navigating various relationships, especially professional relationships. My main goal is to do better for myself and do so in ways that only benefit myself and never to satisfy anyone else.

Meanwhile I need to see what’s going on with my benefits. šŸ˜›


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