The reign of error

Hey Jack V, isn’t it time that you let “Ruthless Roger” go?img_4838

Before I get started with this blog post, I want to note that two announced eras that I almost consistently talk about on this blog.

  • The Streak Era where it was a good period of time before getting a job offer and put in my notice to leave “The Show”. The era lasted a little over 2 years where I had interviews but no job offers at all
  • The Apocalypse Era started once my mother essentially lost her job at her bank which failed. She had actually  just gotten off medical leave when it happened. While she worked I worked and she helped me but now that she no longer has a job that situation changed and now I’m truly responsible for myself.

The Apocalypse era eventually bleeds into the “Reign of Error”. While the Apocalypse is ongoing the “Reign of Error” really lasted up until I returned to “Fresh Foods” earlier this year. It started once Rog began to officially take over my old dept at “The Hole”. My time with him was almost 4 mos until I had to be late one more time! Yeah I just had to go back to that…

I call that period the “Reign of Error” because Rog just didn’t last long (and funny thing was I wasn’t the only one who had realized this wasn’t going to last long). He probably lasted about 6 mos as the mgr of my former dept at “The Hole”. During that time I just think he came in looking for excuses. He probably came in with a sledgehammer approach basically breaking things so he could fix them his way. Just remember what I’ve often said about him, he was set up to fail.

Now when he first arrived I was led to believe he knew our acting mgr who was leaving to move to another state. So perhaps I expected they had a good enough of a working relationship to where he wouldn’t do some of the crazy things (in my opinion) that he did later. Turns out that didn’t matter and he was going to start making some wild changes. I told you about one of them involving me and also he was beginning to clear out the dept for rather petty reasons (and yes I may call the reasons petty, however, they’re actually somewhat legitimate). I began to see a man who was very willing to just follow the letter of the rule book and not think much further than that.

With that said from the two supervisors I had communicated with before arriving back at “Fresh Foods, Inc.” various things were said.

  • He began to really hate his job and wouldn’t admit it.
  • He liked going home early, which is certainly related to the next bullet
  • He used his commute from suburbs to justify giving up his dept mgr position
  • He knew the rules, but just didn’t know how to manage the dept
  • He knew was about to be fired
  • He was better off at a slower location

With those said all I know as of now as far as what happened to Rog was that he left “The Hole” for a supervisor position at a suburban store. I’ve heard demoted, I heard he had stepped down, or I’ve even heard he quit. However, all I can say is that he lasted at “Fresh Foods” for perhaps another four months until he landed at mgmt gig at a pharmacy in the suburbs.

For yours truly this is how the “error” era started. One day I was receiving I was in the dept just getting some of the items – usually dry items into the dept. I’m supposed to wear a chef’s coat in the dept anyway but until I have to go into our cooler usually I’m just wearing a shirt. Anyway one day he was in the dept especially early and bellows out my name quick!

Rog: JACK!

Yours truly: *comes back around*

Rog: I’m not picking on you, but you need to wear your chef’s coat that’s from regional

Y.T.: OK *in my head I’m simply thinking WTF is this*

He said he wasn’t picking, but he was already looking for an excuse to pick. And this was long before that attendance probation. Yet not a whole lot of evidence that he was pursuing any vendettas. My thinking he probably wanted to clear out the dept so he can truly make it his own. No one else from the time before he arrived should be there, no one else who somewhat knew better than him (though that’s not to say you should clash with a boss if you know better). What I’m saying is he wanted to tear down the dept and spark 100% turnover.

I’ll bet he took to heart something I’m bet store mgmt told him. Our store mgr also said this to us, it’s time to inject some new blood into our dept. For Rog it probably meant get rid of the old bring in new people (though some of those new people decided to come in to fight one day). Anyway we know what happened eventually Rog didn’t survive himself.

I suppose we’ll never truly know if Rog’s bossed pulled him from his role and put him on leave to figure out his next move. We may never really know if he stepped down from his role as dept. mgr. We may also never know if he finally was let go from “Fresh” or quit on his own (although I will assume that since he found another job, he likely quit on his own). Still a lot of unanswered questions, but I suspect he left behind an awful reputation. Perhaps he might still have friends and connections at “Fresh” so perhaps that reputation may not matter, however, who knows if he’ll get the breaks he had before taking on a position where he was in over his head.

Finally, I wanted to answer this question that hadn’t been asked. I’ve variously called my former boss Roger, Ruthless Roger, RR, Ruthless Rog, and sometimes “Ruthless”. There is a real life reference to him in the “Ruthless” moniker however that has to remain a mystery. It had very little to do with his character as they way I see it, if he was truly ruthless he’d have survived longer at “Fresh” in a mgmt role than he actually did.

Another argument about him that could be made is that he could be a job hopper. I may never know really but he lasted at “Fresh” for a good stretch of years. Of what I know of his background he may have started off at the company as a supervisor, then moved up for a couple of years as an assistant mgr, then finally moved up to be mgr of my former dept at “The Hole” for roughly six mos. Perhaps he never intended to stay in that role and with my mindset it’s odd to have that mentality in that role. Is it possible that even after landing that cushy job at a small business would be to jump ship elsewhere in short order within months? Well I will never know…

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