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Happy New Year

I’m sorry that I wasn’t fast enough to create a resolutions post for 2019. Then again I can look at it this way, the resolutions left on the table towards the end of the year are what I can work on now. At least I got the main one for 2018, however, perhaps I should’ve gotten more done last year also.

Feeling No Love

you know i should make this an annual tradition. this place could use it because there really aren’t any here.

to start and this is the easiest one to fulfill, find another job. even if it means i return to “fresh foods”. i’m glad to know that there is interest out there from a variety of companies which unfortunately bore no fruit. this includes the “dine-in show”, “finer foods”, and then such companies as target, greyhound or even the container store. perhaps i need to look seriously into finding the right job through a staffing agency.

another resolution is to become part of the world. no i don’t mean lose my virginity, it’ll happen when it’s meant to happen. now i don’t have to focus on it and just get myself into position where perhaps i can meet that woman. this means outside of work i have to have other…

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