screenshot_2019-01-10 blog posts ‹ feeling no love — wordpress comI had a nice streak going posted my last post yesterday although I took it down because I wanted to refine it some more. Perhaps in order to have quantity it’s not very important to share a post that really wasn’t ready.

Either way, I have at least 8 straight days of posts and that streak got broken recently. Don’t feel too bad besides it’s not often that I have posts almost daily here. Plus I don’t always have much material to share with you, especially fresh material meaning nothing repetitive.

At the same time I have some backlog of material I would like to share with you which explains the joke I shared a few days ago. So perhaps I have a few more posts in me for this month, however, at the moment I hit something of a rut.

If you have anything you’d like to see my write about, especially, if it’s the main topics of this blog feel free to let me know. I can come up with something, otherwise I can come up with more material or do a few re-blogs as I have been doing so far this month.

This place is open and as always I can use some feedback…

2 thoughts on “Streak

  1. I just read a post regarding the new Bachelor reality show who is a virgin and how much his virginity was the main focus. Do you find that as a man, people (who know your sexual status) focus on when you will give up the virginity? Or not believe that you are?

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    • My experience has not been that people focus on me losing it. They focus on the “condition” if you will. I’ve had at least one person – whom I’ve written about and with whom I’m no longer friends – who had actively tried to hook me up with people or encourage me to be more active. But otherwise I don’t think that’s been my experience.

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