Is it Worth Being a Jerk?

I’ve been following this blog when I can and will share another post from here that seems pertinent to my blog.

Is it worth being a jerk? My experience has been I have no idea.

For yours truly being a jerk has often backfired. To be honest I could be considered grumpy and usually that’s around family. And beyond that it probably depends upon the job such as “The Show”. I would like to think of myself as a nice guy however I haven’t always acted like one, and yet I can be portrayed as “mean”.

I suppose the answer to me being a “jerk” is very uneven. As a nice guy people will cross my boundaries and as a jerk people can’t stand me. If the people I’ve run into are prone to making snap judgements, then they judge me really quick.

I suppose I have to decide to be a so called bad boy or a nice guy. I’d rather be a nice guy and I’d rather have a less conflicted life with very little drama.

I’d rather not have people I’m at odds with, and instead be around people who like being around me. However if you feel the need to stir conflict then that’s a problem. But then as I seek an available woman this is a challenge worth taking up.

The Functional Male

Do nice guys finish last? Are you better off being a jerk? Well, I’ve already answered this question in various articles to some capacity, but perhaps it would be useful to take a few minutes (or twenty) and isolate the topic. After all—to be honest, I sometimes find myself doubting . . . myself. I’ve usually gone by the philosophy that nice guys do win, but then, sometimes I’ll see something that makes me second guess myself. And then, after awhile of introspection, find myself only reaffirming what I already know. But let’s break it down.

The case for jerks

First of all, there absolutely is some truth to the idea that jerks, bad boys, alpha males, whatever you want to call them, do receive some advantages. Of course, the most obvious is that they appear interesting and confident to those around them. But there are other reasons too.


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