Nice guys lose


I hardly think of myself as a nice guy and I hardly think of myself as a mean person (hard to believe right?). Either way the mistakes made by men as seen in this video well I’ve made them. I’ve been pretty lousy and is one reason why I had very little success out there in the romantic world.

I’ve lost quite a few decent women with these mistakes (or perhaps in some cases they weren’t meant for me anyway). Though for the most part my main issue has been I just loathe making a move. As I have thought about with the women I do work with main thing is to treat them as colleagues and definitely not as potential dates.

One thing I’ve failed to do is engage them. It’s easy to engage the ones I could never imagine dating, but I’ve never done a very good job engaging the ones I would. It’s an odd catch-22 I’ve had difficulty getting over.

One thing I will say about the above video, it’s an odd balance to go from being a jerk to being a pushover. At the end of the day you have to find out who’s for you. The one who likes you for you, will be the one who is for you. That’s what I’m looking for and hopefully it doesn’t take me being a jerk or a pushover to find her.


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