Well a minor update and I hoped I wouldn’t have to mention Anthony’s name again (or I suppose I really don’t have to). Anyway he called me again recently. Funny thing was I was talking to my mother in her bedroom and heard my watch rattling on my dresser and later looked on my phone guess who it was.


So four times in one month to start, then a text msg four mos later, then another phone call two mos after that and then finally a voicemail four mos after that. I also ran into him unexpectedly at work as a security guard at a local home improvement store. One month after the voicemail he calls.

I won’t change my  rules of no engagement, however, it’s apparent that if he wants to call you he will call you. Ignoring him be damned, it’s not enough discouragement for him. I could block him on my cell and as stated I plan to block him on social media (though so far he hasn’t used facebook or instagram to reach out. He seems to have abandoned twitter altogether. He’s not a very adept user of technology other than his usage of a smartphone and his history has often been of great persistence. Especially in the fatherly sense although that’s the problem it enables his sense of domination.

Either way nothing has changed, he needs to remain one less “stress” off my plate. I was almost getting upset of his lack of recognition of my non-interest in talking to him again. But I turned around and said no sense in getting upset about it. He’s just being him, self-centered as ever.

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