February 2013

Just a flavor of the times I had been working in. At this point it’s over six yrs ago. I can’t believe how time flies.

A few years ago I was still trying to find that next job, a better job. Of course this time six yrs ago I was having a tough time. As you might see in this post had the wrong person in my ear, but then again if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have started looking for another job.

Of course part of what drove this was the job I currently had at the time. Perhaps I was reaching my shelf life even at this job which ironically I probably was comfortable or complacent. It was also a job I had grown used to and even occasionally liked it, but I didn’t grow there.

Finally this was the first time you saw Captain Picard aka Professor Xavier facepalming. Unfortunately this time around it wasn’t animated. 😛

Feeling No Love


“the show” during the course of this month had started firing people. a number of people had been caught stealing whether an extra cup of nacho cheese, a hot dog or even charging $1 for a personal pan pizza that cost $6. it started with two people whom was handing around the cheese and since they got caught red-handed they started ratting everyone else who they knew were stealing.

in other cases the employees in question admitted they stole and after a serious argument with management or they stupidly stole something right in front of management. either way no matter the story management was cracking down and it cost a good number of people their jobs, rightfully so. some of the ones who lost their jobs were cool and it was very unfortunate but that’s the time i was working in. one of my coworkers were buddies with one of…

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