I share this post because, there is a modern day disappointment that happened recently. This involved an interview I mentioned in another post which came and went. It started off shaky and got some great feedback, however, I didn’t get the job.

So in this past post I started off talking about the handful of mgmt or higher level interviews I’ve had over the years. Looks as if I’m still looking for that opportunity and back then I decided I wasn’t going to stake everything on it. So that’s what my mindset is now.

I’m more relieved that that process is over than upset that it didn’t happen. On the other hand it’s causing me to re-evaluate how I pursue better positions. That means I need to step up my game, this time around I just didn’t show the polish that is possible with yours truly.

Perhaps in situations like that if you want something you have to re-evaluate how to get to where you need to be. That’s what’s also on my mind now. And I don’t necessarily mean that it has to be with “Fresh Foods”.

Someone gave me the great advice of make some mistakes, fall on your face. Well I’m learning that lesson right now and like I’ve said a few times this year, I’ll never know if I don’t try.

In writing that post a few years ago, I wrote about Anthony – who wasn’t yet referred to as “The Hustler“. I put out a post on facebook to mark the interview and guess who writes a message of good luck with a question about what I have going on. Communication black out be damned he still wants to connect even if I show no interest in reconnecting. It’s just an example of how my mind shifted over the years on him.

Finally, I think this song fits. You’d have to click through to listen to it. It was the main theme for the last James Bond picture, Writing’s on the Wall by Sam Smith. Great song and fitting for what I have been writing about back then and the current situation now.

Feeling No Love

i’m going to start about four years ago before i get to the main point of this post. four years ago was the start of my two year long job hunt which ended….two years ago. i started essentially in summer 2012 and then ended by fall of 2014.

what kicked this period off in earnest was a management position at a neighborhood theater that i had frequented for years. the company was owned by a woman who it seemed wanted to do right by the community. it seemed we had a good interview and expected to get the job.

basically a friend of mine – anthony – put it in my head that this was a done deal, he was also involved in this process as he wanted to work for this particular company also. while i had nothing but seemingly good news regarding my interview he responded with shock…

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