Well we’re in the month of Valentine’s Day and this story isn’t exactly a Valentine’s story. In fact I used to refer to this story as the “rape whistle joke” and isn’t intended to be insensitive. For this reason, I’m only going to refer to the whistle in question as only a whistle.

man person red white

* One night a coworker at “The Show” let’s call her Shannon who was about 21-22 years old at the time was walking the floor and at some point during my shift she asked me “What time is it?”. I simply just blew my whistle at her and she asks as I walk off “That’s what time it is?”

“Oh yeah, that’s what time it is!” I replied.

The whistle itself was a promotional item for a TV series that was set to air which was screened at the theater. They just decided to give those items away and at that point I began to have some fun with it. It was odd, but guess what I got a kick out of it!

So anyway, later that evening she comes to one of the auditoriums I was seating and seemed to have come in very carefully almost on eggshells. She politely asked me “Hey Jack, can you please tell me what time is it?”

Out comes the whistle and I blew it at her again!

She shoots me this stern look and paused for about five seconds and she quickly stomps out of the auditorium. I’ll bet she told someone, but I never heard about it again and as with most of the stories I tell now fodder for this blog!

selective focus photography of woman using whistle

Blows the whistle!

* And now you see one reason why I never did very well with the young women at the theater. Whenever I talk about some of these troubles my mother notes how I had serious issues relating to these young women. In that case my humor was really what I got a kick out of it, and she didn’t. If she didn’t get it and was under the belief that I had a problem with her and really I hadn’t, however, I didn’t entirely want to be bothered with her. It was quite unprofessional what I was doing.

I didn’t have to like her to work with her. And her chatterbox tendencies really doesn’t have much to do with me so why did I make it an issue? I was better off being a bit more professional and giving her the time so she can do her job on the floor. Although at this point this was just a beginning of the manifestation of my frustration with the job at the time. This was light-hearted compared to some earlier or even some later expressions of my own frustrations at work. Regardless this was one example of many.

However, the whistling episode was justified using her behavior as an excuse. As I said she was very talkative there is one example of her giving out too much information to coworkers. For example, one time three of us were in an auditorium before the movie starts. Shannon and another coworker were closer to the door I was further within the auditorium.

Rather audibly she told this other coworker that – I’m pretty certain this is what she said – some man she was with combed her hair and they had sex. Once she walked out of the theater I told the coworker “That’s too much $h!t, just too much $h!t”. He laughed as if he agreed and later repeated this sentiment to me once Shannon returned to the scene. She said nothing during those festivities.

* Shannon worked at “The Show” for over a year before she finally just quit when I heard from someone that she had found another job. The last time I saw her at work she was complaining about something and me looking towards another coworker made the crying face which elicited laughter. I was low-key trolling that young lady and I believe this was weeks after the whistling incident. In a fit of rage she quickly referred to me as “dumbass over there” recalling another instance of low-key trolling directed towards her by yours truly.

A few months after she had left the theater a group of guys were talking about her while ushering. I went to my refrain of how I just thought she was stupid. The guys laughed as if to agree, but then they turned around and stated that she “came on too strong“. I don’t recall any of them telling any reasons why, but it’s certainly a sign of how she was with men she liked. She probably came on aggressively and let a man know where she stood with them.

And I can always say she might have been the same way with me though in this case it might have been about being turned off based upon my own behavior towards her. Though who knows if I had been a bit more approachable or willing to play (and I just wasn’t), there’d be a different outcome. Then again, I’m a long way from saying whether or not I’d want to date her let alone sleep with her and the answer would’ve definitely been no.

Worst part of this is that she had a child at the time and I found on facebook somehow that her family is growing. Presumably she got married or is with someone who is helping her get pregnant. My only hope is that she has matured far more than she had the last time I saw her over six years ago.

However, this story has proved to be somewhat interesting fodder.

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