Now that we take a look at the modern day.


My dept. mgr. is helping another store that just opened as support staff. So he’s got about one more week before he returns. I wanted to visit that store when it opened as it’s not too far from where I live. In fact if I drive I go right past this store, unfortunately I haven’t quite made it yet. It looks really nice once you see all the shelves, coolers and what not that’s been installed.

Also the dept has been undergoing some changes not important changes. Of course our dept is getting a new associate buyer – the position I interviewed for an didn’t get. One of our stewards is going to another store soon and that means we got some positions opening  up. Of course since we’re talking about retail, people come and go as in one story I wanted to tell you about.

It seems since I arrived on the scene at my current assignment there was some volatility with the steward position – they help keep the dept clean and organized especially with dirty dishes. We had quite a few quit including one whom I first started who seemed very bashful about his job. The story I heard was he got frustrated with how the scullery was organized and he just quit.

Either way some of the stewards (or stewardesses) have come and gone since I arrived on the scene. And the latest story I wanted to tell you involved one whom mgmt let go. It seemed as if he was a problem as from one of the stewards he seemed to like to use the race card, tended to argue with everyone, and seemed to like to take liberties that inconveniences his partner in the scullery.

It seemed like he couldn’t really get along with anyone, but I attribute it to his youth. He was very young when he started in his position and learned later he has spent time in a homeless shelter. So once I found that out I began to feel bad for him, however, you can’t get yourself out of that situation if you continue to be belligerent towards the people you work with. It’s a hard lesson I had to learn myself.

Once I saw a steward position open up on the company’s social network, I decided based on what I know that soon he won’t be with us. Finally from our assistant mgrs I heard about a new steward coming in for new hire paperwork. This meant that dude’s days with us are numbers. And then he got let go and the new guy got scheduled and the beat goes on…

As for my next opportunity, well not ready. However, I’m always looking both inside of “Fresh Foods” and outside of the company. Time will tell, perhaps I can still look into being a theater mgr.

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