Interview time!

Around this time last year, I started applying for jobs at Fresh Foods once I learned /goofball was no longer the Dept. Mgr. at The Hole. And one of the first callbacks from my applications was from The Hole. I had some people looking out for me, however, it wasn’t meant to be. Perhaps I was bound to blow it or perhaps the store mgr who was present when his boss $h!tcanned me now realized I hadn’t left a good impression.

Well, I’m elsewhere now and sometimes think this wasn’t a bad thing. Perhaps I’d have stirred up the drama many of my colleagues there would really prefer to forget as time beats on. Also would I have been in the right state of mind back then?

Perhaps to not return right away as great of a story as it could’ve been in the long run was for the best. Perhaps I need to work out what happened the year before for myself. And no more digging for that knockout punch that helped ease Ruthless Roger out of his cushy position that he seemed eager to seek out and then be set up to fail.

Feeling No Love

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Before I get on with this thought, I’m eager to put to rest the storyline with regards to “Ruthless Roger” – the mgr of my dept at “Fresh Foods” who ushered me into store mgmt offices to let me go. He walked out the office when the axe fell on me admittedly unexpectedly because I though a delay slip from the transit authority was enough for that final tardy to be excused. Anyway having heard three different stories from more former colleagues I learned that he’s no longer there – he was either demoted, quit, or quietly moved to a lesser position at another store. Regardless knowledge of his departure made it easier for me to start applying at my old store once again.

Thus I had an interview to return to the store. While granted I wouldn’t yet have all the bells & whistles I had before the guillotine…

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