No interview 2014


No more than two months after Anthony’s hustle for his martial arts school he texts me about whether or not I was interested in working for Finer Foods. I answer affirmatively and he says I should get a call from them soon from the HR contact at his store. Which I ultimately had received a call from them, however, I got sidetracked.

I got another phone call from Finer Foods’ corporate office who wanted to schedule me for an interview with one of the stores they were set to open. I thought those were a far closer option than Anthony’s store which was located on the northwest side of Chicago. I go through those steps and score an in-person interview at a hiring center in the Bucktown neighborhood. Unfortunately, it was destined as part of the streak era that I wouldn’t get that job.

So at some point I did attempt to turn my attention to Anthony’s store and even reached out to him. He seemed of little help when I texted him asking whether or not his HR contact was at work. It’s possible he had no idea when she had called, however, it’s also possible he heard that I never returned his contact’s call. Eventually he starts calling and texting asking point blank “What’s going on with Finer Foods?” Usually I ignore them, but with the slow progress of my job search I start to get frustrated because at that point I had five interviews over a year and no job offer. Eventually I call him in utter frustration….

We talked for quite a bit and especially about the one interview that got away from me after expecting a job offer. Then eventually he pivots quickly to what happened with his store where I told him about the interview I had with a different store and he throws a “that’s what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket” at me. So we got on that subject and from that point forward he again gets to work on getting me on at his store on the northwest side of the city.

He eventually calls me later to say I can drop his name when I call the store director to schedule an interview which was on a Friday afternoon. So to be honest I’m not used to giving big wigs such as that a phone call and start off waiting until almost closing to call the store and left a msg with whoever answered. I tell Ant that I called and he text back with a suggestion to call and confirm. I do so the next day, and he was already asking via text if I called them. So later I call him to tell him what happened with the store director.

The store director was kind of fast talking as if he had many things going on. And the idea of Friday was out the window because it sounded like he just had something going on during that period of time. We agree to meet on a Tuesday morning and it was at least a whole week away. So since about February I finally have a sense of accomplishment another potential interview.

So later in the week Anthony tests me when he calls me up and when I answer hits me with a mock interview question. He wants me to be ready for the interview and although we talk about some other business he makes sure to brief me on the team I would be joining once I get the job. He feels as if I could learn from them once I’m there. Once we hang up, I’m really in good spirits and feel as if this is in the bag.

So I left home early to get to my interview as close to the determined time of 10 AM as possible. And I was running a tad behind, I didn’t eat breakfast before leaving the house. The trip to the northwest side was about 45+ mins from the south side. Even worse I know I had to take a bus to get to the store, however, I still wasn’t sure where it was. Once I arrived I still went the wrong direction before getting to the store, and all said I arrived for my interview 7 mins late. I check in at the customer service desk.

As I wait I check my phone ultimately five mins gave way to ten mins and then 15 mins and then 20 mins. Then almost half-hour of waiting someone walks up and they don’t announce themselves as a mgr. I don’t know their position of responsibility but they inquire as to who I was there to meet with and after a few other questions I get frustrated by “Are you sure you’re here to meet with our store director are you here to see [name of another mgr]?” At this point I let my frustration out and tell them I spoke to the store director if he assigned me to someone else I don’t know. She lets me know she’ll look into what’s going on.

Roughly another 25 mins pass until she finally apologizes and lets me know that the store director won’t be meeting with me today. I started to figure that once time got away for our interview I had been there an hour and was ready to walk about the door, I had gotten tired of waiting. The basic story confirmed by someone who had just gotten off work for the day from the customer service desk is that the store director was meeting with his district mgr on a walk-around. Either way the woman who spoke with me let me know I will get a call to reschedule and they never called me.

Once they sent me on my way I text Anthony immediately – and just think earlier that morning he offers me a Good Luck text. Tell him in terse terms “No interview apparently your new GM buddy instead had a meeting with his bosses”. He texts me a quick “what happened?” and then asks me to call him, however, at this point I put my phone away and never respond to any further texts nor call him. I was just ready to get off that part of town, I was so not happy. Wasting over two hours of my morning with nothing much to show for it!

It was about two days later when I finally connected with Anthony I had just gotten off of work at The Show and took his call as I waited for a train. When I answer the phone he asks “What happened with the interview?” So this is where the whole story goes south in my mind.

This is where I leave it until the next post….

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