No interview 2014 pt. 2


The reason I’m telling this story in full is because this illustrates the evolution of my friendship with Anthony. It became him helping me get the next opportunity away from The Show. Often I would say he came up 0 for 3, in spite of him putting in a good word for me in all Rthree opportunities including the one for theater mgr with the difference being he never worked there. Usually a person on the inside helps you get the job in this case however it didn’t work out that way.

I won’t entirely blame him for it, he may have talked himself up but in the long run didn’t have the influence he believed he had. It was the case with Finer Foods and the third opportunity at another retail store he had worked for. So with this said I never blamed him for what happened with the interview that never happened, I only blame him for his behavior afterwards.

In the last post, Anthony had finally reached me two days after the non-interview as I was about to get on the train to go home after getting off my shift at the theater. His first question once I answered his call was “What happened with the interview?” I begin to answer my way and he’s quick with a question. Seemingly he’s trying to find holes in my story, he was looking to go on the attack. Once he got out of me that I never called them, he quickly fires off “That’s the problem, YOU DON’T FOLLOW UP!” He then states that he heard that I never followed up, problem is if he let me finish my story I would’ve told him that I was told they’d call me. It may not have made much of a difference for him.

I repeat OK as there was an awkward silence letting me know he was pissed (and I can only imagine his aged grizzled face showing his anger). He assured me that he’s still on the phone. He takes a deep breath and tells me to call them tomorrow. I may have agreed to that but before he quickly tries to usher me off the phone I tell him to call me tomorrow. He ends the call once I said that with no acknowledgement. His quick flash of anger has me taken aback and is an important reason why I never try to call his store again to reschedule the interview.

So for the rest of the night into the next morning I consider whether or not I should call them, however, I had very little interest and never do. Later that day Ant texts “What happened?” Now he wants to know what’s going on but because of how he went off the day before as I attempt to explain, I really began to avoid him. Unfortunately with no explanation on my end as to why I won’t call them he presses on.

He tries to text me saying call the store they’re looking for me. He also states that I should call because they have positions to fill, however, he’s keeping this alive when I was in move on mode. I did what he wanted me to do, went up got sent away with nothing and realized this wasn’t really worth it. Meanwhile he treats this as the only opportunity I need to consider.

Even better by the time I finally connected with him I had other interviews lined up, the one for my mom’s bank where although I called the branch mgr that I was running late she still had a problem and never heard from them again. Otherwise I finally did call him later that month, and while I intended to discuss something else he ignored that and when into “What’s going on with Finer Foods?”

Basically he goes into how they now owe me and I need to give them a call. He was even trying to go on the defensive claiming that I blamed him for what happened. Just bear in mind I sent him an email explaining what happened and he’s the type that still wants me to explain what happened almost as if what I’m telling him he just needs to hear it from my mouth not a written explanation. However, he acknowledges that I was ticked off and trying to calm him down I reassure him that I don’t blame him for what happened.

What I should’ve told him and he probably blew this off when I fired off a quick email during the radio silence is that I do blame him for his behavior. His quick flash of anger was as important and not being interviewed when I was at his store. It was the reason why I backed off ultimately, if I’m getting yelled at for something out of my control and for not doing everything his way. Better yet for realizing that those folks never valued my time by not interviewing me this just wasn’t worth it for me.

So he tries one final time before we end our call to tell me to call his HR contact tomorrow. My response tensely without acknowledging his request, “I’ll talk to you later!” We hang up and meanwhile I’m finding other opportunities. Ultimately I started getting interest from other banks, although I used one more job lead from Anthony which also goes nowhere.

By late summer either August or September I got a few more interviews under my belt and one day Anthony calls me. And once he again he says “I’m going to need you to call [his Finer Foods HR contact]”. I write this down though I don’t know if I’ll do it, but it just shows how bullheaded he was. He was set on getting me up here at his store even if he had to wait a few more months for things to settle down. In the long run as I find other opportunities I never did.

We never addressed this again until over two years later when I talk about another Finer Foods store that opened and once I get entrenched at Fresh Foods and he asks the pointed question “What ever happened with that?” Really Ant? You’re going to ask about something I consider ancient history, it still remains in your mind after two years and I had moved on to other opportunities?

I’ve gone over the first time Anthony had tried to borrow money, and then a second time he tried to borrow money. Well how about the last time he borrowed money? That’ll be the next post in two days!


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