We’ve gotten out of winter here in Chicago. While the weather hadn’t warmed up yet, we get more daylight which is always good. The warm-up will come but I can’t believe this is already April.

What this also means is that now is the time to plan for the coming spring. What should I get into when the weather warms up? I don’t know where to start with summer time activities. Perhaps it’s time to change the same ole, same ole.

This is also important with the job which in my mind could start with increasing responsibilities. Time will tell on that, I just hope that I can find the right role for myself. Life is too short for only settling for merely the bare minimum.

Also I do have a family reunion this year. Of course this means I could be going back to Georgia where the real life version of Mission College is located. Been years since I did one of those and unlike the last two times that I’ve went to a reunion since starting this blog, perhaps I should write about it. Drama and all though mostly my own drama (and there’s a rather self-imposed reason why I hadn’t went to many family reunions during this decade).

What adventures could I find myself in this coming summer?

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