Fear and doubt

man in blue and brown plaid dress shirt touching his hair

When I talk about change and the future this always creeps up. I could always do the same old, same old as it’s tried and true, however, my long-term goal is six figures as far as income. It means I have to get over my weaknesses fear and doubt.

It could be true for find that woman or trying to become that man. I have to overcome fear & doubt. It’s a very difficult process to start, but necessary. Perhaps I could stay the path of the tried and true path of doing the same thing I been doing especially as far as jobs. But I can’t break out of the rut unless I’m ready to take on the opportunities that will get me closer to my long-term goal.

Believe it or not, a rather strange character I met at my community college told me that the greatest sins are fear & doubt. I tried to rebut with some Christian beliefs that I still didn’t understand, but the sins of fear and doubt is coming back to mind now.

Remember I consider this part of my life as the “apocalypse era” that means I’m really on my own now. My mother isn’t working anymore so I have to mostly provide for myself. The more I can advance at work the more I can do for myself. I can’t do more for myself if the sins of fear & doubt continue to creep up.

Of course since I didn’t get the associate buyer gig a couple of months ago those sins came up for me again. Do I doubt that I could truly move up at my current job? Perhaps I did when I didn’t get it but at least I got feedback as far as what happened. I also know that I could’ve performed better.

Bottom line, I must beat the sins of fear & doubt….

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