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I’m taking the lead of Tommy at the Formerly Unfortunate Male Virgin. If you got a question, I hope I got an answer. Perhaps your questions will be the basis of a future post. But otherwise let’s have at it.

12 thoughts on “Got a question

  1. What’s the closest you have been with a woman?
    What do you think hinders you the most in getting the relationship you want?
    Do you seriously think getting a girlfriend/laid will give you the happiness you think you lack?
    Are there any types of women you wouldn’t date? (short/tall/thin/fat/trump supporter/hater etc)

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    • The first question please clarify. You mean sexually relationshipwise, etc?

      Easy answer to the 2nd one is fear and doubt and of course there are other factors such as opportunity also.

      At this point I’m looking at other things that make me happy. However, I do desire a family of my own so I will be concerned that the opportunity for that will begin to dwindle.

      Well politics could be an issue though I generally won’t care if boundaries are set around this. I don’t like obesity in general. Personality is important I want a generally nice person. Otherwise I’m trying not to have strict standards.

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      • Sexually I’ll just say I missed some opportunities assuming that the signals I’ve received are any indications. As far as relationships there are some women I may consider friends but I don’t know if I’d ever date them.

        As far as fears and doubts. Good enough might be one of them. Perhaps I’ve made too much out of being with a woman that just holds me back. Im addition to that when I’ve pursued women I’ve made some mistakes that might have dampened the prospects so to speak.

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    • Don’t know how to answer that first question. I suppose once the “deed” is done I’ll know. Perhaps it will have an impact and I’m sure it depends upon who I do it with.

      Right now I’m just looking for that connection. It could be sex w/ love. I’m sure that if I was just looking for sex I’d have plenty by now.

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  2. I certainly missed milestones most teens have, such as young love, first kiss with a lover, making out as a teen, teenage exploring sex with a lover, physical intimacy, exploring awkward teenage sexual touch. What’s your advice about those who lost milestones?

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    • I would say don’t worry if you’ve missed a milestone at a far more crucial time. The milestones I’ve made recently like graduating from college (since I didn’t do so by 22) or finding a full-time job which happened fairly recently in my life. Whatever milestone you expect to make, it will happen for you. Focus on those milestones you expect to achieve.


  3. I want to say don’t think about it so much as in doubting yourself your body will do what it needs to do 😁 and if you drink a but and need a LITTLE liquid courage go for it 😁😁 be sure to talk to others when your out and smile and ask a few questions to get other to talk more. Best wishes

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