So I felt this post was necessary to update you all on modern day issues with The Hustler. I’ve been taking steps finally to show how uninterested I am in any contact. It’s necessary to note that his last attempt at contact was a comment to my status message regarding my interview for associate buyer.

Once he commented I changed the setting for that post to exclude him from seeing it. Basically to discourage him (as difficult a task as that is even if he meant well in that case) from thinking he’s privy to any updates on what’s been going on since we last saw each other. I’ve also elected on facebook to restrict his access to my profile and to not see any further stories I may share on my profile. Seeing him watching my stories just shows that he lurks on occasion so I want to discourage that also.

As far as blocking him for some reason I’m just not ready. I’m just in the mode of putting up barriers so he’ll know that things have changed between us. It’s just not as simple as coming and going as he pleases or coming around when he wants to be bothered. In other words I’m making my decision as far as what direction our relationship needs to go. In this case, there is no relationship – no friendship, no mentorship, no male role model, etc.

So thus so far his last phone call was in January and February was my interview when he commented on a facebook post I shared. He hasn’t attempted any contact since then and as always my hopes are that he gets the hint and realize that I’m not really going to respond to him. Of course it’s also recognized that he is a man of great persistence when he wants something so my hints and messages are not what he responds to as long as he gets what he wants. Right now what I want is to ultimately move on from a relationship that hasn’t benefited me in any real measurable way.

Oh yeah I forgot Anthony has children and ran into the daughter whom I formerly worked with at The Show on the train last month. She was with a friend and didn’t appear to recognize me though I recognized her. Who knows if she communicated with her dad as far as seeing me since she never really said anything to me. I had been tempted to tell her that her dad needs to leave me alone. Then again I realize that I shouldn’t involve her in that, it might make that situation worse. Who knows if she understands the nature of many of her dad’s relationships…

And as always if anything new develops you will see updates here.


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