The job that didn’t “suit” me…

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I’ve dwelled on the stagnation of my time at The Show and then what happened later at The Hole with /goofball. However, I never really discussed at length nor dwelled on what happened with my bank teller job at the company I dubbed Gotham Bank. The teller job represented the job offer I finally received after over two years of looking to leave the theater.

Unfortunately it didn’t go well and after no more than a month and a half I was let go. It was really such a short time that I was there and being unemployed that it’s safe to say there just wasn’t much time to dwell on it. This event was what I now consider a temporary setback. Before getting into what went wrong how about something of a lay of the land for that time.

One of the first people I met once I arrived at the branch where I would be assigned for the first time was a teller supervisor we’ll call Minnie. She was very no non-sense and to be fair we didn’t get on very well. She was very rough around the edges and for some of my issues she hit me very hard. I will still say for her at least that she actually did in some respects try to work with me.

The branch manager we’ll call Ed. What I’ve observed of him was he was a talker. When he hit me for some of my misdeeds he often seemed to talk around it although he may reference the issue. He was actually a manager of another nearby branch and when I screw up he gets a report and he might come to our branch to speak with me. It seems like an odd one-two punch but that’s how they chose to do it. I had to learn that once the tone was set early for my relationship with him and Minnie at the branch, he would be increasingly very difficult to please.

To actually score a job offer there, I never actually interviewed with Ed. I interviewed at another branch with a branch manager who probably worked at this branch. I know this for sure because there were some cards around the branch with her name on them. So this young lady and her boss at this other branch seemed to like me enough to give me a shot and I find myself wondering if I’d have worked out under them. If Ed had interviewed me, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it and the streak continues.

I realize that Ed had his fans with the team (which I can count on both hands) at the branch. This is why I tried to control what I said under my breath though not always. For my taste it was always something with him that I felt he wanted to $h!t on me for. At some point he found one thing that I considered b.s. that he dinged me for and it was attendance related. This is what helped me decide it was time to find another job because I was beginning to realize this wasn’t working.

At this new job, I began to feel a sense of dread going to work for my shifts. Even as I had stagnated at The Show, I still had no trouble going to work every day. One reason for this was I had gotten very comfortable and was used to some aspects of the chaos at the theater. There were people believe it or not whom I got along well with and liked to come to work with even by the time I had left. It was astonishing that quickly as things just started to fall apart that it was becoming clear that the bank job wasn’t working out.

Sometimes, I like to keep up my optimism to the extent that I could and hoped that it was possible to turn around. However some aspects of our relationship and how it soured started early. As I’ve stated numerous times without going into much detail my dismissal was due to attendance (tardies) and performance. So for my part in what went wrong I have to take full responsibility for it. I didn’t perform to the ability that I knew I could and most importantly I was shaky from the start. Working as a bank teller I began to realize is a serious job and it was safe to say the responsibilities of working for a major bank made me nervous. A member of the team warned me about that also.

At this point I want to add a third player who will arrive just half-way during my tenure at the branch. Another manager would be taking over the branch and we’ll call him Stan. He arrived at our branch one day and unknown to me he would eventually replace Ed. He was much younger than Ed and I hoped that his arrival could mean a fresh start and from what I’ve observed most of the people at the branch knew him. He worked with them before and perhaps in reality it wouldn’t have bode well for me anyway.

The last day I was there I chose to cut it close on this day. Because I began to hate the job I really had just started over one month ago I didn’t get out of bed until the last possible minute. It was cold and snowy outside that morning which meant that the ride with my mother to the branch would cause me to get there just barely before the branch was opened to us on that day. Ed and Stan were there on this day and made sure to ding me for not being “on-time”  when they later pulled me into the office.

Minnie told me not to sign in to my station on this morning and had me to instead set up the break room. Once I was done with that I logged onto my station and Stan began a huddle for the day – and this was the first time since I’ve been there that this happened. Once that huddle was over with Ed in casual clothing participating, Stan asked to have a word with me in the office. Once in the office after a short statement of why we’re meeting today, Ed told me the bad news. He even listed a number of issues as a reason that took care of my job there.

With both branch managers there, if anything was going to happen it would be that day. It turned out my gut instinct was correct, if Ed was no longer the manager there they why was he there. Could it be unfinished business? All the same once my mind starts running, I remembered that I had an interview the next day for a job at the soon to open store I now refer to as The Hole. So I had another opportunity before events ran their course at the branch of Gotham.

So after being escorted to the break room to get my things to leave the branch for the last time, I would be escorted out of the building and into the elements. One man walked up to me on the street and commented that “You look like you chose the wrong day to be outside”. At this point I start walking to the nearest bus stop and took the short ride home. Eventually I walk back to the house which was empty since my mother was at work at the time.

I spend a few minutes reeling over what happened that morning. After perhaps half-hour I was gone from the job that I had worked roughly half-way through the 90-day probationary period. While I can point fingers at them for why I got a pink slip and yes I take responsibility for what happened on that day, it was still a jarring experience to lose my job. This definitely wasn’t the ideal outcome by any stretch.

Once I recalled that Ed and Stan said I’d be paid for the whole day – that is I’d be sitting at home instead of at work and getting paid for it – that I just decided they can pay me to go to the movies that day. I took off my work provided shirt, tie and jumper and put on some more casual attire in their place. Before turning around leaving the house for the day again I made sure to make a call to the theater I would be visiting to check on if they’re hiring.

This was the theater whom I had actually interviewed for a management position before accepting the job at the bank. In this case although I had an interview the next day I still had no idea when I’d find the next job. This was the theater that’s part of a national chain I had been trying to get on with while still at The Show. Using information Ant had provided for their HR contact over a year before I made sure to contact her. Yeah I’m breaking a rule and cold-calling a hiring manager although in this case I actually did file an application and thus had a real reason to make a phone call.

Well nothing much happened with this. She got my name, said she’d put my application through. She gave me a speech about the volume of applications and then told me I’d be waiting a while for a phone call. I thanked the HR contact for her time and just decided that a job there wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. After this I left the house to go downtown.

I had a quick lunch at a grocery store near downtown Chicago and then found my way to the theater I had just called earlier. Gotham Bank had paid me to see a double feature on this day where I saw Top Five with Chris Rock and then I think it was Horrible Bosses 2. It was between watching both of those pictures that I called my mother with the bad news. She was beginning to realize that this job wasn’t working out since I began looking for other opportunities so soon after starting at the bank. This was something she told me belatedly after I found the job at The Hole. And at this point she knew I had an interview for the next day at Fresh Foods’ regional HQ.

Which incidentally I had schedule for hours after leaving the job at the bank. However since I was no longer working there I could just leave from home at my convenience and head to the interview. Now I had no other job holding me back from this but it would be my first opportunity to get back onto the workforce. So I had the interview with the man who would later become my boss at the store.

It’s funny that at the HQ, the security guard who had signed me in asked me how was the interview. All I could tell her was that the man who interviewed me was going to have me talk to another manager. Her response was, “You got the job“.

One thought on “The job that didn’t “suit” me…

  1. Reblogged this on Feeling No Love and commented:

    As far as marking this month, I will use a “rerun” to do the deed.

    As often stated this month five years ago I got fired from my “new” job as a bank teller at Gotham Bank. The post I wrote over the past spring is just a sequence of events that caused that nightmare scenario.

    I also illustrated that I got ready and started applying for jobs because as it turned out this wasn’t working out for yours truly. This time five years ago I was able to connect with the boss I would have at the store to be known as the Hole.

    Another tidbit I never noted was that after my 1st & 2nd interview for a job at the Hole I went on a day trip to the south. It was for a funeral of my dad’s uncle in the suburbs down there. It was first trip south other than homecoming at Mission College in a number of years.

    It was an interesting excursion, however, I wish it was under a number of different circumstances.

    Of course as we know in the new year 2015 would prove to be a wonderful new year for yours truly.


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