Don Jon

Don Jon

Don Jon

This isn’t a huge secret, even though I worked at a theater I still chose to go elsewhere and pay to watch a movie. It was something that a certain character found a reason to chide me for, however, I chose going to other theaters as opposed to supporting the one I worked for. At one point in time this is what I chose to do and based upon my own treatment at a job as time went on.

With this said, one year one of the movies I saw on my off day away from The Show was Don Jon which was the directorial debut of it’s star in the title role Joseph Gordon-Leavitt. It featured a young man who goes to confession, goes to the club with his boys, and loves women. However an important feature of this movie is that he likes to watch porn.

During the course of this picture Jon engages in sexual relations with three women. The first two – one of whom becomes his girlfriend – he ducks out of bed to watch porn as he’s still unsatisfied after having sex with them. One girl was a one-night stand so, probably understandable, the other his girlfriend well now we see the start of trouble in paradise.

The girlfriend named Barbara has a very defined idea of what a man is to her. She’s willing to try to turn Jon into that man. For example she encourages him to leave his service job and attend classes at a local college where ironically he meets the next woman Esther whom he becomes intimate with later and ultimately is the next girlfriend. The porn she caught him watching and ultimately decides to leave him over once he lies to her about it became a sticking point.

Bottom line is that Barbara as his girlfriend doesn’t fulfill him the way the milf he meets at the college eventually does. Barbara doesn’t even like the fact that he’s happy cleaning his own pad deeming it as not sexy. Jon acquiesces to this, but essentially she’s turning him into something he probably wouldn’t recognize. He eventually realizes that his view of sex and relationships with women in addition to Barbara’s re-engineering is only proving to be one-sided.

Barbara is the type who believes a man should give up everything for his woman. She doesn’t have to give much in return. Perhaps that’s why I’m hesitant to involve myself with women who will be the one who’ll give as much as I would want to give. Perhaps I myself am self-centered when it comes to relationships. In my inexperience, I don’t know what I’d have to give up to be in a relationship (and yes I know one thing I could say goodbye to my own freedom which I’ve only begun to appreciate now).

With this said, Esther is a milf who finally satisfies Jon who finds that he doesn’t need porn for gratification. He had to learn from Esther that satisfaction has to be mutual it can’t be one sided. Crudely put a man can’t just give a woman the “D” and not put in much work. On the other hand a woman can’t just lay there and take it and think that’s all there is. Both the man and the woman have to satisfy each other.

It’s funny that even as a virgin, I can see the point of this. It was apparent to Jon’s sister what Barbara was trying to do it brings the point home of the ways Jon was unfulfilled. And it’s interesting that it took an older woman who suffered her own tragedies to realize the folly of his relationships with women.

Perhaps, the day I find that woman who satisfies me in more ways than one – not just sexually of course – is the day I think I found someone worth while. Too bad to find this fabled women only could get very difficult as time beats on.


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