It doesn’t matter…

circus theme party

No more circus!

No free rent!

I got news for you, I ran into D.B. earlier this month. It was almost a similar story to just about two years ago, except that he got no response from me. Even after his parting shot towards me. Also I’m just glad that my peripheral vision is still good.



I know that overtime D.B.’s avatar is Barney the Dinosaur (and once a purple teletubbie). Deranged Barney fashions himself as an entertainer and outside of his costume is a guy with some very visible ear piercings. I got another image for you with no offense to those who actually are gay pirates. Although to be fair once I had identified him without actually looking at him I hardly really looked in his direction. Already knew who it was and hoped (in vain as it turned out) that we’d just walk by each other in silence.

It makes you wonder who’s in who’s head. I want to move on he wants to connect evidently. He wants attention and he wants acknowledgement which was what he got years ago when he was my “archnemesis” at The Show. It was one hell of a conflict, and in his own words D.B. finished it. It took me a few years to accept and move on, unfortunately because I can be stubborn (in more ways than one) and he just doesn’t have a clue perhaps in his mind it keeps going.

Oh yeah I said D.B. was an entertainer. Imagine a man dressed in a Barney costume telling jokes at a children’s birthday party involving public aid, stalking, sex, or prison. Often using very vulgar language and utilizing very violent imagery in his act. If you were the parents that hosted this birthday party you’d want a refund, except that deposit was already spent and likely there is no more money to fall back on. Just generally in some ways very incompetent other than an ability to mouth off and say anything that comes to mind. Sooner or later something sticks.


Barney a teletubbie?

When I ran into him, I fall back on what I had to train myself to do in the many years since that conflict. It’s been well over seven years since I’ve worked with that man. And of course it will be five years since my last shift at the job I formerly called $h!tplace. I’ve gotten myself to the place that it doesn’t matter and it’s time to move on. I know who I’m dealing with now and stooping to his level gives him what he wants. Attention, relevance, etc.

Once I ignored him once he “acknowledged” me since he refuses to act like a human. He gave a quick hearty chuckle and then stated in passing as he also kept walking “Weirdo!” And it just goes to show it takes one to know one. Go ahead call a spade a spade, and not recognize that he’s far more off the charts.

Unlike the last time I hardly leaned on anyone. There was only one person I told. Since I’m largely a part from him these days The Hustler likely will never know. It’s the Hustler who kept D.B.’s memory alive thoughtlessly. It was mostly a joke for Ant, but I realize there may be more of a psychological reason it comes up with him.

I may have two more posts with regards to D.B. and it will likely be the last time you will see Barney as Mr. Deranged’s avatar. I want to talk about Anthony’s need to insert our final work conflict in our conversations during the last few months we actually talked. This will lead into what caused D.B. to finally lose his job and what role I played in it.

I’m in no rush to publish it I assure you, however, some of what I hope to present is what I had promised and had yet to deliver.

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