The blackout

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No one’s home…

I know that since last year a lot has been written about the events surrounding the “reign of error“. Often I look at what happened with that period the one good thing that happened during that time – eventually yours truly would begin to cut ties with the Hustler. How did that come about?

Well as stated in another post – “One final drop” – I stated that the soft communications blackout started after his last text message to yours truly. He reminded me that he’s working on paying back the money he borrowed and reminded me of another piece of news that I had actually told him. Anyway I attempted to call him back after this and actually left a voicemail with him and he never returned my call.

At this point I just stopped trying to really chase him down. He was going to take his time repaying the money he found it necessary to borrow. It’s not like I hadn’t seen this before and the last time before that he borrowed money he took over a year to actually pay that money back. It was a good sum more than the outstanding he owes now, however, he did finally pay that back. That was until he needed some money again….

Once events ran their course at the Hole and I no longer had a job there I really didn’t want to talk to him. Things had been going well there and he knew there would be a mgmt change because I had told him. However we stopped communicating and he didn’t know what was going on. He to this day doesn’t know what happened with me.

I can’t believe that it was a long period of time where he just didn’t say a lot to me. No phone calls or texts, just from the both of us – a blackout. No communication at all through our normal channels, however, for a period after his last text message we exchanged messages on facebook. Usually sexually charged memes from him or in some cases flyers for his martial arts themed event he had been promoting. Usually in response I’d share links with him that should’ve been of interest but knowing him he didn’t bother. It seems as if nothing was really of interest to him at any given moment he might blow it off.

Until October we were exchanging messages on facebook with nothing really said between us. My mind hadn’t entirely shifted on him until events ran their course at the Hole and it was time to find another job. Strangely I didn’t lean on him for job leads primarily because most of his past leads never interested me. They were mostly for jobs he were keen on they were highly paid, union, and mostly very blue-collar and unskilled. He liked security, however, I chose my poison in that case as I’d rather deal with the unpredictable public than to sit in an empty building by myself during a night-shift.

I also knew that as things seemed to have went well at the Hole he suddenly decided to inject that I’d make more money at a competitor – Finer Foods – and even asked if I was “ready to jump ship, yet”. I was doing the buy/receive shifts with an opportunity for true growth and had gotten much closer in recent times to getting a real promotion. All the sudden Anthony starts his strange campaign continuing to mention that I’d make more money elsewhere. Often I show no interest stating something real crazy would have to happen before I’d even consider it.

SPOILER: something crazy actually did happen and it was the extreme thing I hoped wouldn’t happen…

Either way as far as what happened at the Hole, I definitely had it in my head that he’d have something to say about what happened. I’d get the feeling he’d make me feel far worse about it than I needed to hear at that point in time. I also got the feeling that the way things were going there and things were going great that he’d feel some strange satisfaction once he knew it fell apart (some of it was the mgmt change and some of it was of my own doing).

If you’ve read enough about him Anthony is a man who can be very easily dissatisfied. Since leaving The Show where we’ve formerly worked I know of seven jobs he’s held. It seems he held most of those for a number of months before he’d move on. Perhaps in one case he actually did suffer a work related disability as he was limping on one day that I saw him. So it doesn’t take much for him (even if the next job offered a few more cents when he tries to negotiate) to just jump ship.

In realizing this I know that if things were going well he might say it’s a great thing. On the other hand since I’ve mostly known him to be very hard-up and often struggled money-wise just based on his begging that in his psyche he’s not really happy. Do you get the idea that often he’s envious when someone is doing better than him? Do you get the idea that he keeps people miserable like himself?

With that being said once he did try to get back in touch with me around the time of that blizzard in the Chicago-area last year I had a number of choices to make if I answered. Do I take the call and talk about what happened the previous year? Do I take the call let the subject come up and lie to him about the job? Do I just ignore the phone calls?

The first two questions have been answered. I never took a call from him especially before the episode “on the spot” My mind had shifted away from him and I actually could view him as a user. He didn’t need me before he started trying to call me again. There was no need to lie about my situation if I just ignored his phone calls. This is where we are now.

Some of the issues that occurred between two years ago to even now have changed but the blackout endures. No more requests for money and indeed no more drama. No more father-figure antics that I never really asked for from a friend. Main thing is as of now no more ammunition for him to come through a door and assert himself.

Which reminds me, there was lately another attempt at contact. As I’ve stated it’s no longer important to make it major news, however, it was a very unusual attempt. Indeed it was akin to his comment to my status on facebook with regards to my interview (and again he really doesn’t know I’ve had an interview). Either way his last attempt on another social media site will be written in a future post.

One thought on “The blackout

  1. Reblogged this on Feeling No Love and commented:

    This post from last August illustates the communications black out with my old “fiend”. It began in earnest two years ago this month. Back in February ’18 the Hustler began hitting my phone again. He called three times from a new number with no inkling of who it was and then sent a text asking me to call him.

    I just had to send a text establishing who it was, well they confirmed my suspicions. I never called the Hustler and he called one more time after that during that period. Of course there have been other attempts at re-establishing the dialogue.

    One main reason for the blackout back then was being out of work. If he knew what happened, he’ll find different ways to let me know where I screwed up. I’d feel worse about it than necessary.

    Of course let’s not forget why I gave him that moniker. Usually keeping the dialogue going can only serve to cost me. If I answer the phone then as now it will cost me.

    And now that it’s February time to extend the conversation about other topics.


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