This month has been considered an important one. Well yeah you might have seen that before and for two things.

  • this had been the month I changed jobs
  • this had been the month I had gotten suddenly and unexpectedly $h!tcanned

I won’t drone on and on about that second bullet. I will expand upon the first.


After getting one job offer after 15 interviews within more than a two-year period I was apprehensive about leaving a job I had grown frustrated with. I’d been there since The Show opened and now I was leaving. It’s safe to say that I had essentially plateaued. This was something I owed to a number of factors which was in addition to some self-inflicted issues.

When I left I probably was treated as something of a weak-link on the job. Who likes having that feeling for a job that really isn’t that hard. It’s a job that I had somewhat enjoyed and often it depended upon who I worked with (as there are those who’ll turn it into an ordeal). At the same time I knew I deserved more than what I was getting at that point it time. It was time to go somewhere and make some real money. Although with this job I had the benefit of getting a regular paycheck for the first time in my life.

I used to say becoming a manager was one of the biggest what ifs I had when I left. I don’t think I missed anything, and also recognize that it’s a strong possibility that yours truly would’ve crashed and burned in such a role. If I wasn’t already doing well with them especially for B.S. reasons did I really want to work with them on a mgmt level?

What I do know is that once it was that time I knew I’d be leaving behind a situation I was most familiar with. It took me leaving to realize how comfortable I was up there at The Show. It was between the job that I knew, the coworkers I liked working with, and ironically the ones I didn’t like working with (or for example working with the “meangirls of $h!tplace“). I knew the situation and I was leaving for a bank branch to become a teller which proved to be something of an ill-fated venture.

Either way did I wish they tell me don’t leave – perhaps part of me said yes. I don’t know if I’d have accepted but it would’ve filled my ego up considerably. With this said I did dance around handing in my two-week notice, once I finally did I could officially start the clock on my departure and transition to the banking world. Yes it was easier to keep this job in case the bank job didn’t work out, but this was the time to go for broke and try something new. I had done the theater thing and it didn’t work out the way I’d have liked it to and that’s OK.

I could liken being at the Show to being in a bad relationship. For example I never understood why my mother endured the changes she went through with my dad. She had told me why she dealt with these changes until his dying day. Is it really easy to leave a relationship that isn’t a very good one? Why would someone remain at a job where they were miserable?

I only stayed there to do what I had set out to do in the end, to find another job and move on. I had to forget about becoming a manager, it was necessary to decide that it was never going to happen no matter how awesome I thought I was. It was time to find a job that would provide me with decent pay and benefits.

With this said my time at the theater led to the period I’m living in currently. I got the job with good pay and benefits. The bank didn’t work out, however, it lead me to the Hole. And this current period I look forward to what it could lead to in the future.

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