I noted the streak era briefly earlier this month. Today’s story is more of an aside and even worse is not easily provable. All I have is the word of someone else and the man in question may never admit this if he did this.

Anyway this was a few months before I left The Show. I was still applying for jobs, going on interviews, and I suggest to a coworker – lets call him Woz – that he calls Anthony and see what he says as a reference. Because Ant knows Woz I suggest Woz use his ability to use one of his accents to throw him off the trail.

What was the point of this exercise? I was concerned about the increasing count and no job offer. Perhaps at this point I was just about 0 for 12 while job searching and had five more to go. Some of those jobs asked for references on their applications and Anthony was utilized for that purpose. Granted I have no way of knowing if any of those companies checked references, what I do know is that most of those interviews resulted in no job offer.


I don’t know what led me to ask Woz to call Anthony posing as a manager for this made up company called Esquire Theatres – named for a former cinema located in downtown Chicago. Perhaps I had that sinking theater that as talkative and occasionally vindictive Ant could be, it’s possible that he’s doing something to hold me back. It doesn’t take much for him to get upset and he wants to do something about it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was in him to hold me back from getting away from the job I referred to as $h!tplace because either I won’t follow-up on his leads. Or perhaps because he still hasn’t figured me out or whatever. What I knew is that there might be something going on with him and after a number of interviews to leave The Show starting in 2012 I got no job offers. It was a real strange streak.

So Woz actually does call Ant and eventually texts me his findings letting me know that I was  “a good guy, but very unreliable”. Ant’s words about what he thinks about yours truly. Drop in a light dig that could tank my chances if someone dared call him as my reference. Alas, I never really did anything with this information too much on my plate for that time. Sometimes it’s not so easy for me to switch gears until I just have to.

Not long after this I do two more interviews and finally get a job offer from Gotham Bank which I accepted. This job enabled me to finally leave The Show after almost five years after the theater opened. And Gotham did have a section on their application where I could put down references and Ant was one of them. Either they didn’t call my references or Ant was in the mood to put in a good one who knows. It doesn’t matter I got the job anyway!!!!

As far as Anthony’s response I did kind of pose a scenario to him once as far as why it took so long to get a job offer over two years after I started interviewing for jobs. I decided in part one reason it wouldn’t happen was because of my teeth. I had to force him to look into my mouth to see the dental work I had done. He’d seen me a handful of times since I left the theater and it seems he didn’t notice. Perhaps it was something he never paid much attention to anyway.

When he does see the dental work his first question was “Why did you need to do that?” I don’t remember what I told him but I hinted this was one reason why I never did get ahead when I was job hunting. Even stated that perhaps if I had never gotten that dental work done I wouldn’t have found the job at Fresh Foods. He quickly dismissed this assertion by saying “I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s all in your head”. He quickly changed the subject and wouldn’t address this further.

I did note that for that interview that resulted in an offer with Gotham, I hadn’t yet done the dental work – where I get the bad teeth removed and was fitted with a flipper – I still had bad teeth when I went on the interview. In fact I cancelled the appointment for this major work to do this interview. Perhaps it was in my head, perhaps it was meant for me to work for just over a month at this bank branch.

And perhaps some of the other interviews which resulted in no offers was because of my teeth, or I didn’t interview well or because of bad references. Perhaps all the above.

What I do know now is if you allow the man I now know as the Hustler any possible power over you, he’ll use it. In this case, if he knew he had the power over whether or not you’d have a better job he could decide whether or not you’d get it or lose it. Since it seems he’s not stable himself, he could be the reason he holds you back. Even if you can’t prove it…


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