Five years ago

Today was the day the streak era ended and I marked this five years ago by writing on a chalkboard I had set up in my bedroom marking that the streak has ended. The board had been tracking the interviews I took on during the course of that year.


The significance is that this was when I got the phone call which offered yours truly the bank teller job at Gotham. I got an email and then a voice mail and then I called that recruiter at Gotham back and went through one step which was to go through some on-boarding steps with someone two states away. With that in mind I was soon a banker with Gotham.

I told a number of people I had worked with at The Show including Henry, probably Keith, and definitely Anthony. Anthony’s response was most interesting once I told him that the streak ended his response was “Cool! Go for it!” Of course reading into his response it could be interpreted as I needed his permission. Regardless before I said anything  to him I accepted the offer.

It wasn’t long before I had decided that it was time to leave $h!tplace. I didn’t decide right away, but I realized nothing kept me there any longer. At the behest of The Show’s HR point I wrote out a short two-week notice. It’s short because it could’ve been a manifesto and believe me I wanted to. However, the “manifesto” remained at about two short sentences and it was hardly a “grievance”


Of course, I’ve written too often this job didn’t work out and it only led me to the Hole at the start of the new year. I chose the job that wanted to hire me at the time to get away from a situation that no longer worked. Then the job I accepted didn’t work for me either, regardless yours truly did what he set out to do for over two years at that time!

Also when I shared a link to my instagram post with a friend and explained what it represented I told him that autocorrect on my phone gave $h!tplace with a capital S. Then he simply says “They don’t deserve it? Why not $h!tplace with a capital S?” I just thought it was a funny exchange….


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