Career week

I wanted to write a bit about some updates about the job and recently I became aware of something that happened at the Hole. I’m calling an audible here and thus I won’t write about that yet and those are relatively negative anyway. In one case what I wanted to update about the Hole involved that whole “fiasco” of two years ago!

people sitting on gang chairs

I wanted to talk about career week at Fresh this week. Mgmt has seminars at the store to help inform us not only of upward mobility with the company but the steps associates can take to move forward. Especially key is all the subtle hints of whether or not you’re serious about the position you hope to take on.

It reminds me of a few opportunities I took to learn from higher ups about positions at a company. For example let us go to the national theater chain.

During my first few shifts there I wound up speaking with another associate there with a man who was a coordinator of all facilities with the region. He was an old gentleman who seemed very approachable and willing to field questions. I don’t remember everything I asked him or any of the associates for that matter. I do remember that I asked him about going from running a twin screen to 30 screens.

He probably started off as an usher or concessionist and moved all the way up to general manager within the company and eventually to mr. hot shot executive coordinating the upkeep of all theaters within a region. And his answer to my question made sense, to do that is a natural progression to go from two screens to more than 15 times the screens. If you’ve been a GM, it should be old hand to manage larger and larger theaters.

Then recently at work I ran into another hot shot executive from Fresh Foods’ global HQ. He came to our dept looking for something to eat and gave us the gist of his project at our store. While I took care of him I picked his brain as far as his background and he noted that he went from doing deli to becoming a dept manager to store mgmt and finally made his way into the IT field.

It’s very interesting to see where anyone can go in these companies as far as upward mobility. You get stuck in a rut and want to do something different go for it. Choose another store or choose another department. If you’re lucky you can definitely make it up the corporate ladder.

This is why I went to a session for career week with my store manager. Who gave us a run down of his time with the company having spent two decades with Fresh. And he started off young while in school (basically he remembers something about my background). Things just worked out for him he told us about all the locations he’s worked at. Basically he ran down things that I largely should’ve learned about him when I interviewed last year to get back with the company.

I made sure to ask the question. Say if I had applied for a job elsewhere and it’s expected of me to work a shift or two is this something I must arrange or is this arranged for me. Of course the answer is I have to establish the rapport with the mgmt of that team and follow through on it. It also has to be determined who pays for my time in the other department would my dept have to pay for the overtime to work a few shifts to learn that department and meet the team?

I know I’ve talked about going back to school in a recent post the main thing now regardless is take advantage of any opportunity to truly progress. As stated a few times on this blog change & growth.

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