Another domino in that whole /goofball fiasco has fallen, well sort of. I just don’t know enough about his connection to what happened over two years ago, however, he was part of that story. Whom I’m referring to was the store manager who gave me the bad news once /goofball aka Ruthless Roger walked right back out of the office after delivering me to the store mgmt office.

I learned recently through looking at job postings for my former location at the Hole that the store manager’s job is now an open position. I looked up the store manager who we’ll call Morley and find that his name is no longer on Fresh Foods’ social network. So did he quit suddenly and unexpectedly? Did he get fired?

dominos dots fun game

What raised my “sensors” is that he’s no longer in the system and often when you know a manager is leaving you make great pains to ensure a smooth transition. This is what I suspect happened with Rog once it wasn’t working out although once it was decided that he needed to move on they probably posted his position on the social network. Then he probably was able to find his next assignment and as it turns out was far below the position he had sought in the first place.

As for Morley, I’ve heard a few negative things about him. I’ve heard from others that he was often “on the bull$h!t”. The store receiver at my current location who came from the Hole I heard second-hand that Morley liked to check cameras on people. There was a lot of surveillance going on up there at the Hole. This was likely unknown to be me back when I was working there.

He was tricky about people who could be eligible to return I heard from one former supervisor I had spoken to about returning to the Hole last year. Although in my case since he was far from my process when I attempted to return I just can’t say what role he played in it. Of course it also made sense that there are those people you don’t want to return and you’d want to make it difficult for them to return.

As far as what happened in the office he had actually encouraged me to reapply in six months – even noted I was a good worker but that tardies became a problem. Rog wasn’t going to try it he was done and as it turned out he would be done three months after I left. He affirmed the call to let me go and who knows it couldn’t go further, though I will admit I didn’t handle this very well. It was some of his words that helped convince me that Rog wasn’t going to last long.

I asked him if he’s going to be doing the hiring in six months – and this was after him hinting seemingly that he could hire yours truly over Roger’s head. His only answer “I don’t know man, a lot could happen in six months”.

Since I learned of his “separation” I haven’t really done much digging as of yet on this. What I know of Morley’s background is that he opened the store as an assistant store manager and once his boss moved on to another store he ultimately takes his spot. It was a role he held for over three and a half years only to lose it so quickly. I will accept the word of Bill who sent me a meme and responded to yours truly quickly letting me know Morley got fired for unknown reasons.

I’ve visited that store rarely since the events of two years ago. I really stayed away until learning that Rog had departed his role there. Even then I’ve largely kept my visits to the store rare and can count on one hand how often I’ve actually been inside. I don’t even shop there even if the store itself is very close to my favorite cinema.

It’s probably that sting that keeps my visits to that location rare, however, now that he’s gone perhaps it’s time to drop by more often. Though I know the situation there has changed. Perhaps it’s time to try returning again though this time with knowledge gained during career week to return to a higher position there.

Either way aside from how my time there ended, I have no idea if Morley had any real issues with me. Like I said the sting of two years ago is still there, though not as painful as it was then. And often stated on this blog I only learned to laugh at what happened.

Meanwhile the beat goes on!

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