Adulting – benefits edition

white oval medication pill beside blister pack

Benefits minus the foreign currency

Well we have quickly arrived at the area of enrolling in benefits. At Fresh Foods roughly at this time every year associates will make changes to their benefits. It appears the company has changed insurance companies and thus well if I don’t choose that might leave me in the dust for next year.

This had been something of an annual tradition to talk about the benefits and wages at this time. Usually I talk about what I didn’t get when I worked at The Show. I wasn’t getting benefits from a company that had little issue keeping employees at minimum wage. This situation was definitely one main reason why I was looking to bail.

Since I’ve been talking about it occasionally this year, it was one reason why I was pursuing a career in the banking world. And when I think about it in hindsight, probably wasn’t the right motivation. At the same time it was time to find a job that provided good health insurance even if for a brief time I had to purchase it myself with the help of my mother in order to get some dental work done.

It’s unimaginable now that I got some of what I was looking for good income and decent benefits by working at a grocery store. It was just unimaginable to me back during my time at The Show that the future meant that good job that provided the income and benefits would be at a grocery store.

As stated in a post earlier this month I left the movie theater to go to a bank and then eventually to Fresh Foods. That period from just about five years ago only let to the era I’m living in right now. And a few years ago I was very much worried that yours truly wouldn’t even get to this point…

Meanwhile time to check out what benefits are available for me next year!

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