Dream: Retire early?

I’m sorry I missed this from CBS’ Sunday Morning over the summer. Chronicling that there are plenty of folks who are working stiff that want to quit their jobs or retire early.

The story you see above shows a got working a hot shot job with my dream salary six-figures and he was still miserable. Once he went through orientation and learned some of the people leading it was only phoning it in until retirement. He just knew that no one there was really passionate about their job at that particular company. He went from that six-figure job to working in journalism at a magazine.

Then we see a doctor who’s happiest moment was turning in her pager so that she could pursue her passion as an artist. Perhaps she wasn’t as happy as a doctor even though certainly that is a prestige profession to be sure.

It causes me to rethink some things. I’ve often stated my goal is to make six-figures now I wonder if I should get myself into a position where I can retire early. And also perhaps I should have really been down (nor allow anyone else to be down) on myself for having to leave a “prestige” business which was banking to work at a grocery store. And then go back to the cinemas business for a brief time thereafter.

I know I’ve talked a lot about my goals at least does anyone out there desire an early retirement?

3 thoughts on “Dream: Retire early?

  1. I am 43 and have been ready to retire for a few years. Working does not bring any sustained pleasure. I master my job very quickly and become bored soon after. It would be nice if you can find your passion and get paid to do it.

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