Moviegoing Experience

Well I want to lighten the mood for a moment although I know this is complaining. I talk a lot about working at a movie theater you may even conclude that I really hated it. At the same time I do really enjoy watching the latest releases.

John Campea who’s YouTube channel discusses movies talks about three things that ruin the moviegoing experience. It might surprise you but one of those three aren’t prices. Let’s go through what Campea notes.

Trailers – coming attractions lately I don’t seem to be able to make it early enough to watch them. As much as there are those releases that might catch my attention I don’t feel awful about missing them. The Show used to have at least 10 mins of coming attractions while others might go up to 20+ minutes. I can understand that timing is everything and there comes a point where you’re ready to get to the feature presentation.

3D – when I first opened The Show one of the features were 3D movies and I hate to break it to you, in my opinion it’s not always worth the extra charge for 3D on top of admissions. There are some cool effects I’ve noticed with 3D in some flicks otherwise I really don’t sense the images coming at me and looking very real. Unless the showtime is the only one available soonest I’m largely avoiding 3D flicks. Evidently Campea don’t like 3D movies either as it comes at the expense of regular screenings.

Concession lines – I really don’t have any bad experiences with this. Perhaps the only time this is annoying is when I just got off work and my feet hurt and there’s only one register and you got one customer who can’t make up their mind what they want and it’s taking up a lot of time while your picture is about to start. I could approach this with the customer in mind as being the cause or I can certainly discuss the employees involved.

I don’t consider this strictly a “dating blog” as you may have noticed I hardly write about going on dates. Movies are one place you can take a date especially if the both of you are going steady. It’s not a great first date for sure or is it? Perhaps you might want to know what your date is into. Of course at least this isn’t the 1970s when the primary way to watch a “biology movie” is to go to a seedy part of town at a seedy cinema that probably used to be a movie palace.

All the same let’s open up the floor. Do you take your dates to the movies? What types of movies are perfect for dates? Do you make going to the movies more of an event combined with other activities such as going to a restaurant?

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