The job that didn’t “suit” me…

As far as marking this month, I will use a “rerun” to do the deed.

As often stated this month five years ago I got fired from my “new” job as a bank teller at Gotham Bank. The post I wrote over the past spring is just a sequence of events that caused that nightmare scenario.

I also illustrated that I got ready and started applying for jobs because as it turned out this wasn’t working out for yours truly. This time five years ago I was able to connect with the boss I would have at the store to be known as the Hole.

Another tidbit I never noted was that after my 1st & 2nd interview for a job at the Hole I went on a day trip to the south. It was for a funeral of my dad’s uncle in the suburbs down there. It was first trip south other than homecoming at Mission College in a number of years.

It was an interesting excursion, however, I wish it was under a number of different circumstances.

Of course as we know in the new year 2015 would prove to be a wonderful new year for yours truly.

Feeling No Love

pedestrian lane

I’ve dwelled on the stagnation of my time at The Show and then what happened later at The Hole with /goofball. However, I never really discussed at length nor dwelled on what happened with my bank teller job at the company I dubbed Gotham Bank. The teller job represented the job offer I finally received after over two years of looking to leave the theater.

Unfortunately it didn’t go well and after no more than a month and a half I was let go. It was really such a short time that I was there and being unemployed that it’s safe to say there just wasn’t much time to dwell on it. This event was what I now consider a temporary setback. Before getting into what went wrong how about something of a lay of the land for that time.

One of the first people I met once I arrived…

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