Since I started an instagram account I’ve been looking for memes whether on other sites or on Instagram and found this one. I like to censor words but chose not to here. This might be on my account in the future, but I thought this was funny or poignant.

I’ve met a guy in this boat. Just as he likes to portray himself he’s a wolf who’s always up for the opportunity to get his needs met. At the same time as far as money he comes up short. So I can view there being something wrong in that instance.

However, here’s my stance if chasing women or sex is what makes you happy then I’m all for it. There was a time I’d judge and believe everyone should get married and have families though thats probably not for everyone. I’m not as black and white about it as I have been.

On the other hand if you want to chase money then that’s OK also. While I recognize broke men can get women also, if you want a certain type you have to upgrade. Perhaps making good money will allow you to access better quality women (well that sounds a tad misogynistic doesn’t it?)

Anyway, I find myself wondering what was I chasing years ago. My attention has been money lately especially as far as a job, however, I know that jobs are nothing more than a means to an end. Regardless during my teenaged years through my 20s I’m wondering what was I chasing, what motivated me.

So I see this meme and start asking myself that question. I was chasing a pie in a sky dream back in the day but definitely lacked a clear direction. What I do know is that I definitely wasn’t chasing women otherwise I wouldn’t have started this blog.

With that said a man could be motivated by satisfying his needs or otherwise being able to attract members of the opposite sex. Or he could me motivated by achieving financial success or some type of success outside of matrimony or the bedroom. It’s interesting that only now have I found something to get motivated by.

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