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Over the past year I’ve been writing a lot about the situation surrounding /goofball. Even wrote one last post where his former boss at the Hole a store manager dubbed Morley I learned got fired from his position two months ago. An interesting development though so far I’ve little idea what happened other than he’s no longer with the company.

With /goofball aka Ruthless Roger I’ve never really gave much of a blow-by-blow accounting of what happened with our rapport. Usually just rants based on what others have said about him and a few real situations involving me with him. I view him as odious looking for excuses to cause clashes as it was obvious he likes for things to be done his way.

My plan of attack with this includes the first time I remember him coming to our dept. Just bear in mind a few things when he arrived the Hole was still looking for a manager for our department. The job had been posted off and on for at least three months before Rog eventually accepted the position. The acting dept mgr we had was on her way out the door moving on to support her significant other.

I did actually tell a story I consider dubious in my head because I can’t really verify it now. My colleagues kept asking me if I remember him and often my answer is no. I do remember some crazy guy giving me this stern look when he looked over and asked if a meat slicer was unplugged in his “nerdy baritone”. Though others who were in our dept at the time remembered him and have $h!tted on him for some of his actions.

Either way I would say once Rog did become our dept mgr he did put the dept through some changes and especially me. He definitely came for me and it didn’t help that I was angling for a spot on the buy/receive team. With that in mind I would also explore some issues with that. I’ve had to decide that he probably didn’t want me in that position anyway just based on his back and forth with him ultimately pulling me off with a rather odd explanation. He was just looking for things to complain about.

I feel as if I told about my last day in different ways a number of times but what I want to write will eventually lead into that. Time to talk about my attendance, which I have to admit was becoming an issue. I also have to admit that perhaps there was some complacency and comfort at the wrong time. I expected business as usual and Rog wasn’t about that, I would dare say he was more about a ruckus than anything else. And I’d say there’s a reason why he’s not only no longer a dept mgr at Fresh Foods, he also no longer with the company and left for a small town pharmacy in his racist suburb.

Either way I had been told during that difficult period starting over two years ago that I needed to be honest with myself. I could talk about him all I want and run him down like a dog, however, I have to take responsibility for some things. If I hadn’t I’m pretty sure I would never have returned to the company at all. I’m glad I never really said what I wanted to say about him, no need to bad mouth a former boss you just didn’t do well with regardless even if he himself didn’t do well.

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