6 thoughts on “I’m Still a Virgin: How Do I Lose My Virginity

  1. Well, I can say he’s not shy about making it clear he just wants sex (not a relationship). Plus, just sticking it in does not bring pleasure to women 🙄. If that’s his attitude towards sex, then I can guarantee many of his partners are faking it.

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    • Sleeping around doesn’t interest me, however, if I could find that needle in the haystack that didn’t mind then I’ll keep it that way until i find her. Hopefully it’ll be while I’m still relatively young and healthy.

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      • Certainly it would seem too giant a leap for mankind, if he suddenly lurches from ‘losing virginity’ to ‘sleeping around’. As for that needle in the haystack, you would only find it by chance. So the only thing left to do seems to just relax and enjoy being what you are now (inclusive but no limited to being a virgin) …

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